Does your pain ever flare up and stays up HIGH

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rosemarie, Aug 9, 2008.

  1. rosemarie

    rosemarie Member

    Here it is 2:30 am and I am awake again. I fell alseep around 8:30 and slept for a couple of hours and suddenly I startled and jumped and oh my gosh I hurt clear down into my bones.
    I have taken my nightly pain meds and if they have not kicked in in another hour I will take another dose. I can't take this never ending pain that has made it's self at home in my bones. The strange thing is as I sit here and type my eye's want to close and I am fighting to stay awake but as soon as I move I will be wide awake from this pain. I don't know what to do? Last night I took an ambien and still woke up when the pain flared up when I was tossing in the bed. I was so out of it that I could not take any thing more so I just layed there trying to sleep.
    I am one of those people who has strange reactions to meds. Some work like they should and others dont' do any thing near what they should do. I am soo sick of being in pain today and now this morning. MY legs ache clear into my bones both knee's are throbbing, my wrist aches and feels cold inside {like the bones are cold but I shattered my left wrist and it has a titaaium plate and screws in it.}
    I am sitting here with tears running down my face just wanting to make this pain stop asap and I don't know how to do that.
    I can't go to the ER as they would not do any thing any way. They would look at my pain meds {mscontin, msir, soma}
    ONe look at that list and they would tell me that I have enough drugs of my own and they don't have any thing stronger to help me out and I would be out of luck.
    What a waste of time and money it would be.
    I don't want much just for this pain to ease for a day or so.
    Sorry for all the whining
  2. homesheba

    homesheba New Member

    do i ever understand!
    i am soo stinkin miserable right now i could cry.
    i want to go to church so bad
    and i am having to fight every step.
    i am making myself today
    but i know that the day is close when i just
    will have to give it up like
    i already have so many other things
    like you have im sure..
    i am really sorry that your meds arent wking.
    hopefully you will get some relief soon
    and some decent rest.
  3. OH YES! I have had a high level of extreme pain for months and keep thinking I will lose my mind. My rheum. dr. says I have a severe case of fibro. No kidding. But then he says he has tried everything he can think of. Neurotin and lyrica are all he tried. I hope it eases for both of us. Pain gets to you after a while. Luckily I took an ambien last nite and slept 5 hrs, otherwise I toss and turn all night in pain, I am sooo exhausted.
  4. stinker56

    stinker56 New Member

    Hi Rosemarie,
    Sorry to hear you are having so much pain but I am right there with you.

    Over the last three weeks, the pain seem to increase daily and the meds aren't touching it.

    Like you, my drug list is too long to go to the ER for any help. I never have and don't plan on trying it.

    I know what you mean when you say you ache clear to the bone. I have said for years that my bones hurt and people look at me like I am crazy. Maybe I am.

    Hope you get some relief soon.

  5. Janalynn

    Janalynn New Member

    Im sorry you're hurting so terribly. YES I do know how you feel. For the longest time I had no idea what people meant by 'flares' - I hurt all the time. I hurt TO THE BONE. I would swear it's in my bones.

    I used to fluctuate between muscle pain and "bone" pain/aches. Now its coming together. The back of my legs from my calves to my upper thighs are killing me. I honestly don't even know how to describe the pain.

    I usually pray to fall asleep during the worst times.
    Hope you feel better soon!
  6. my dr. says patients think its the joints, bones, but fibro pain is actually the nerve endings attached to them.
  7. msnova74

    msnova74 New Member

    My pain has been on high for months. I have finally had all I can stand and agreed to try Cymbalta. I have been on it several days

    I am not sure about it. My pain is not changed, however the fatigue is much better already. The feeling is similar to Provigil. The side effects are horrible.

    We will see.

    I hope you find something that helps you soon.

  8. rosemarie

    rosemarie Member

    I am so sick of living in pain every day , every night. It has gotten to me. I have been taking care of my Mom for a long time. Last summer was one of the worst times for her .She got sick June 2nd and had every thing from diverticuitis, peronitis, broken hip {left},penumonia {sp}, on a vent ect. She came home from rehab the end of november 2007. Since then I have been her main caregiveer. I drive her to doctors vists, ER trips, hospital stays {I also stay with her during the stay in hospital depending on where the hospital is out of town I stay at hosptial if close to home I spend most of the time with her.
    I have found it does not make any difference how I feel , if I have things I need to do, I still am the only family member that "will" take care of Mom in all things.

    I am having a injection in my right knee tomorrow, hylonronic {SP} acid. I am one of those who if there is a unusal rection , side effect I will have it. Not mildly full blown. So I am terrified of having this injection. I have a neighbor who is going to drive me to my rehmuy's for this procedure. I have been told to be prepared to not put weight on that knee. I have NO clue if this will help me or cause me more pain. I have been trying to think postive about this. IT will work It will work, I won't have MORE pain. But NO one can say for sure what my reaction will be.

    I have spent the afternoon at the uriologist office with MOm. She has had constant bladder infections and now has a pic line in for antibiotics. Today doctor found that she has gunk in her bladder so it does not empty all the way.
    Most likely has a fistlua from bladder to rectum.{Sorry for the grossness of the topic.} I sat out in the waiting room for over two hours with the air on HIGH and my legs throbbing. No pain meds with me. But then I try not to take my strong pain meds when I drive. That leaves over the counter stuff. You know how it works?

    I am so tired and scared that I just want to cry for my mommy but it won't do me any good. Mom does not really understand what fibro really does to me. I get so fatiqued that I can't stay awake at times. Take last sunday, Hubby was speaking in church, I had little sleep night before. I fought to stay awake while he spoke but after the meeting one of my daughters told me that I had totally embarassed the family as I fell alseep during the meeting. I had told Mom I was not going to be there but I still had to take her . IF I have to drive her there and pick her up then I might as well stay for the meeting. And my hubby was speaking. NO one understands that when my body says Sleep I sleep I can't control it. I tried to fight it but it didn't work. Now daughter is upset with me. Hubby said I was not the only one sleeping he is not upset.

    I have been trying to stay away from negitive people but if I do that I will never see my daughter, SIL or grandson. Daughter is very negitive about my fibro , well two of the three are negitive about it and meds. But I want to be around my girls. So I try really hard not to act like I hurt , take my meds in their sight ect.
    Sorry this is gong on and on, I wanted to tell you thank you to all of you for your posts , you have made me feel less alone since you too feel like I do. I didn't mean to have this a gripe session but it just happened.
    Sorry for this being so long.Still nervous and scared. But will have injection in the am
  9. Crispangel66

    Crispangel66 New Member

    Don't feel bad I am the same way I have trouble staying awake at the computer but when I get in bed I am wide awake! So irritating, I just don't understand. It seems my pain never goes away, I told my Hubby that maybe I deserve it. The pain. He tells me not to say that but I really think it could be true, but I am not that bad of a person, I don't think I am. I have a thing I did that no one knows about. It was at my youngest niece's b-day party, my older niece was supposed to watch my son he was 3 years old and she took him to the park and when she came back no 3 year old with her I freaked out and said some things I shouldn't have said (nothing horrible) then after the b-day party my sister in-law and my bro decided to take my niece's shopping, my eldest niece wasn't feeling well so they gave her some tylenol cold. Me and her grandparents were sitting across the street from the house in their bait shop and the house caught fire. My son and hubby were right next door with broncitis so I ran over there and told my hubby what happened and grabbed my son. Stupid me stands there and lets my son watch his favorite cousin die in a house fire!!
    Now he is mentally damamged all his life, she is dead and the last thing I said to her was "what were you thinking".
    Then when my son gets about 5 years old he tells me that he wants to die and be with her because he misses her, he was only 3 years old, I can't believe that he remembers that. I can't believe he even remembers her but they were more like brother and sister than cousins. He ended up spending a little time in therapy. I am not sure that it did any good, I always hope so. I really loved her and I hope she knew that. I have prayed about it so maybe she does. Sorry for going on so long I shouldn't have gone on so long, I miss her so much. Well better go. Gentle hugs crispangel

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