Does your pain feel more like muscle pain, or nerve pain?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by RedB, Mar 5, 2003.

  1. RedB

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    I have a problem that I've had from the beginning, in that I have had a hard time believing that my pain was muscle pain. Which is probably why muscle relaxants don't work on me. (Flexeril does help me sleep). I have tried several meds (Anti-inflammatories, Darvacet, muscle relaxers, Vicodin), and none of them did a thing, so I have suffered what I considered "nerve" pain for 6 years. I have had some muscle cramping during that time, but very little compared to what I read on this site. And that pain I've been able to deal with.

    A HUGE portion of my pain has been eliminated since I started using Neurontin for the past 2 weeks. It's kind of like a small miracle after all this time. I'm afraid I will wake up and it will all be changed back!

    Since this is a pain reliever that affects the nerves, and not necessarily the muscles, does that mean that my pain has truly been more nerve pain that muscle pain?

    And, does anyone else feel this way?

  2. Shirl

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    I believe that my pain is muscle as well as nerve pain. It depends where it is sometimes. I also get joint pain, which I know is arthritis.

    I have had this for 20 years, but I never had a 'spasm' untill about 4 years ago, that really put me in the bed. I had knots in my back and shoulders that hurt so bad, that the only way I could descibe it was the old expression 'charley horse' in my back, instead of the calfs of the leg.

    I am glad you have found something that helps you, that is good to hear.

    I have had great results with supplements, I am allergic to most meds, so I just gritted my teeth and lived with the pain for a lot of those twenty years.

    Shalom, Shirl

  3. EllenComstock

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    I have both muscular and nerve pain, although the muscular pain is more prevalant. Either one isn't fun as you know. Too bad you suffered for years, but glad you finally have a medication now that helps you. I haven't found anything that totally helps me, but right now Ultracet has been the best so far. I still have the stiffness and soreness, but from what I've read, this is common for those of us with FM.

  4. LeLeHpr

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    My pain is like a burning stabbing pulling pain..So bad I vomit from the pain..I cannot bend my legs or arms..Then my TP thrub with anger...My muscles feel as though they will rip apart..Sound familiar anyone???
  5. GradgirlJen

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    How terrible it is to be in pain. I con't decide about my pain, but I do think most of it is nerve pain. I pain in my joints too, like throbbing pains, cramping pains, muscle spasms, charlie horses, all kinds of pain, all the time. I really am tired of it. I asked my doctor for neurontin, and she laughed it off, saying that the pharm company is being sued for claiming that it treats everything under the sun, Then she prescribed some tricyclic antidepressant called desipramine for chronic pain. I came home and researched it and said forget it; it's still untouched up in the cupboard. Lately, I have been going to a massage school and getting either Swedish massage or deep tissue massage for $20 for 50 minutes. It really has helped! I need to go every week though. The swedish worked the best for me. I have no idea what else to do for the pain. I wish it would just go away so I could do things that I use to like doing. To sum it up, I think I have a combination of all kinds of pain types! Bummer....

  6. Debgene56

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    How do you know the difference between muscle and nerve pain? Deb