Does your pain travel?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Suekoo, Sep 18, 2003.

  1. Suekoo

    Suekoo New Member

    Hi everyone. When I was first diagnosed with FM about 6-7 years ago, most of my pain was in my upper back, neck and shoulders. Other areas hurt when "pressed on" by the doctor, but my all day pain was from the other area. During the last year or so my pain is now in my hips and outer thigh area and some time lower back. I am not in pain in the upper body anymore. Does this happen with others?
  2. kimkane

    kimkane New Member

    Hi Sue, Yes my pain loves to go on trips thru out my body.
    Like for the past couple of days it has been in my lower legs. A constant pain and buring. It drives me nuts. It does feel better if i keepthem warm kimk
  3. Annette2

    Annette2 New Member

    FMS pain is non-discrimatory - it goes everywhere. My first symptom started with pain in my left hip. Now it's all over. I was told FMS doesn't get worse, but in my book it does. Over the past few years I've had pain on more parts of my body, more sleep problems, brain fog, etc. The only thing that hasn't gotten worse is the IBS. But the pain does travel and you never know where it will be from one day to the next. I'm sorry to have to tell you this.

  4. fibrotigger

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    Yep, unfortunately mine travels and has been progressive, also. I'm pretty sure at this point, there's not a spot on my body that hasn't hurt at one time or another, mostly everyday!

    I, too, was told that this DD was not progressive, WRONG!
    Maybe it's not for some people, but it sure has been for me, just keeps getting worse.

    I know that's not what you wanted to hear suekoo, but that's my story and I'm sticking to it. (i'm sticking my tongue out at ya right now).

    Hang in there kiddo,

    Gentle bouncy hugs,
  5. DesertSongDog

    DesertSongDog New Member

    Mine moves around all the time. I wish it would move out of town for good.
  6. jadibeler

    jadibeler New Member

    but if I think about it I can usually pinpoint something I did (or overdid)to cause it to flare up in that area. Sometimes, however, I can't think of anything. Last week I posted a question regarding a pain I could find no explanation for (it happened often, but didn't seem to have a cause) and was shocked by the answers I got. Every pain in my body coresponds with pain caused by a stressed iliopsoas muscle, which in turn causes pain in other muscles. (upper back, shoulders, neck, lower back, hips, thighs, pelvic area) None of my pains seemed to be related until I learned this and started putting everything together.

    I've been fortunate not to have the type of burning, aching pains for no discernable reason that so many of us have.

  7. Susan07

    Susan07 New Member

    Yes my pain travels. This weekend I am going to pack it's bags and put it on a Greyhound bus with a one-way ticket! LOL
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  8. aussie1

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    i was told that fm won't hurt you.
    they don't know the physical & mental pain we go through every hour of the day.
    yes,my pain has travelled but not far enough for
    the pain was in my neck, shoulder & then my legs. i had frozen right shoulder now it is in the left shoulder & lower forearm muscle.
    as it leaves one place to travel to another it leaves that area weakened.
    i do not have a lot of strength in any of my limbs.
    i also have degenerative disc disease & the dr don't know how much is fm or my spinal pain.
    i now have osteo arthritis in my knees but if i did not have fm i wouldn't feel the pain.
    take care,
  9. natrlvr2

    natrlvr2 New Member

    I am in pain non-stop.Some days it is worse in some area than in others.I always thogguht FM was a "traveling" thing.(OA/DDD doesn't help the situation either)
  10. duketomato

    duketomato New Member

    and I would like to give it a oneway ticket to he!! Its' bags are packed, I guarantee, but I guess it found a home in my body.Right now with the weather change it is really bad.My pain travels so much it's got enough frequent flyer miles to travel my body free for years.
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