Doesn't look very friendly here

Discussion in 'Caregivers' started by mom, Dec 26, 2001.

  1. mom

    mom New Member

    right now. It looks kind of lonesome. I do check in everyday so if anyone comes here for a chance to talk or vent or look for answers post them and they will be answered.
    The christmas or any holidays are hard on us all so the caregivers have a harder time than usual and need the support of others so feel free to post here and you will be heard.

    Hope you all had a nice Christmas and I wish you a Happy New Year.
    Mom Lynda
  2. karenanne

    karenanne New Member

    What can we do to revitalise it?

    Get the guys in...Brutus, Chris H and Syathane....

    Does anyone have any ideas about it?
    Why it's underused?
    What is inhibitive about it?
    Should we post something on the main board just to let the newbies and their carers know there is such a site?

    problem then, of course, they come here, look at the board and go away disillusioned.

    Thinking hats on then peeps!
  3. Jeweller

    Jeweller New Member

    We'll just have to use it as a surrogate chat board again until we have enough posts to make it look busier!

    Dig out your funnies!

  4. AzRookie

    AzRookie New Member

    in the relocating of the new boards, and the difficulty in using and adjusting to them, not to mention the sensory overload of all this nonsense popping up with flashing lights, just made a bunch of us disappear I guess (me included). Add to this the normal distress of the holiday season, and trying to be social or's a struggle for me to visit the boards at all these days and I miss the community. Guys, Chris, Brutus, et al, please know I'm thinking of you and miss you. You give the rest of us a sense of balance not to mention a sense of humor!
    *A BIG BEAR HUG TO CHRIS* (now don't get frisky)
  5. Brutus

    Brutus New Member

    both simple and complex.

    Simple, in that I for one don't like the changes that were made to the format of this site. It's slowly getting better, but not enough to entice me back yet. I only came here today to answer Chris's post.

    Complex, in that I much prefer the Chit Chat board. I'd say the C.C. board took away much of the reason for this "caregivers" board by providing a place where our need to interact with others, both sufferers of the D.D. and spouses of D.D. sufferers, was satisfied. We can chat, we can ask questions, we can vent and we can joke on the C.C. board, same as we did at the height of the caregiver boards popularity.

    And then there is the fact that sometimes us "caregivers" work better by private e-mail. Some "problems" just aren't for public display.

  6. Brutus

    Brutus New Member

    Just a note regarding your message. I think Chris would prefer a big "Bare" hug right now... -->GRIN<--

    Brutus (with a naughty hug)