doesn't this just irk you????

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  1. Kathleen12

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    When you try to explain to someone why you may have a "memory" problem or get "unusually" exhausted and thier reply is " Oh, there is nothing wrong with you....I do that too"! Or something like "I know what you mean, after I get off work, I'm so tired that my husband has to bring me a cup of coffee". I know they can NEVER really understand, but why not give us the benifit of a doubt that there may actually be something else going on here that is not normal?
  2. lenasvn

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    Sometimes I ask what meds they are taking for it, you are just curious, right!?

    Normally "normals" don't take any prescription medication for this- it will pretty surely hint to them that it is an abnormal exhaustion you experience.

    This should end the discussion pretty quickly,,,LOL!

  3. KelB

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    I try and come up with an extreme example in order to illustrate the point.

    Conversation I had a few months ago:

    THEM: So what exactly IS Chronic Fatigue?
    ME: I get exhausted and very confused.
    THEM: Yes, well, I get tired sometimes as well and that makes me a bit woozy.
    ME: What - woozy to the point where you find yourself driving on the wrong side of the road, but can't work out why the oncoming cars are flashing their lights and sounding their horms?
    THEM: Er...oh. No.
  4. diva42597

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    The worst is that I was 22 when the onset of fibro came on. Imagine a healthy looking 22 year old college student complaining of aches and pains and having difficulty getting up in the morning. I was called everything from lazy to useless and still am at 28. I actually had to physically bring my fiance to my doctor to tell him that there is something that is wrong with me and it's not all in my head. I get so sick of being sick!!!! You all are not alone!!!
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