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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Rafiki, May 30, 2008.

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    The number of Heartworm cases is up in the southern Ontario city where I live. There has been very little heartworm in my city in the past and we all expected this year to be much the same. It's not.

    My vet has already had 4 positive heartworm results for local dogs and other vet.s with whom he has spoken have reported similar experiences. My vet. thought it might have something to do with Katrina dogs being adopted further north and carrying more heartworm with them... wasn't sure.

    I was debating not testing or treating this year and was not planning a trip to the vet as my wee fella was not due for shots. I never expected to be grateful to fleas!

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    First: Saaaahhhhwwwwwwwmmmmmmm! So cute! Jack Russel?

    Yeah, it is a steep curve, isn't it. I got my first dog (well, first as an adult custodian) about 20 years ago and I thought I had made a huge and terrible mistake.

    A good friend got a puppy at the same time I did and we had many distressed phone calls much like new mothers. One day, I was walking my big Standard Poodle puppy on the sidewalk and this friend pulled up next to me in her car. I bent down to speak to her through the window just as her golden leapt from the back seat into the front to say hello to us. Well, of course, he landed in, and smashed open, a big tub of icecream my friend had just picked up at the store and proceeded to leap about on the navy blue upholstery leaving great big, sticky white footprints all over everything. My last view of him, as my overwrought friend drove away, was of his big vanilla cover paws framing his enormous happy head in the back window of her car. I think she was in tears. They lived together very happily for many wonderful years but that first year was a trial!

    My first year with my Standard was only slightly better. She was smarter than I am which was a big problem. If that is a Jack Russel in the pic. you will have your hands full... your heart will be full, too. I don't know what I'd do without a dog (or however many I can afford) now. But, yeah what a curve that first year. Ok, tell the truth, because she was a big dog it was more like 2 years. Totally worth every crazy moment.

    Ah yes, back to heartworm. I have always been reluctant to overdo things like this for the obvious reasons. It's hard not to generalize from oneself to one's dog. I don't think that's a bad thing. But, this year, we're testing and using a preventative.

    4 cases in the east end (beach area) and a similar number in the west end all caught before the beginning of June is incredibly unusual. That's only two clinics not a city-wide survey and these were all city dogs. Last mo. I discussed this with the vet. and we decided not to bother since I had no plans to leave the city. It's amazing how much things have changed in that one month.

    I don't know if anyone knows what the prevalence will be in any area as people are just doing testing now. Check with your vet. if you're undecided and see if they are finding these troubling positive animals where you are. Maybe we got more rescued Katrina pets here.

    Enjoy your adorable little boy. One day very soon you will not be able to remember how you managed without him. In the meantime, take up drink :~)

    Foggily, Doggily yours,
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    Please convey to Sam my gratitude for her understanding.

    Jack Russel Puppy = Nut Bucket.

    Too true and very funny... poor, lucky you!

    Good luck and good love,