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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by pat460, Mar 12, 2007.

  1. pat460

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    Hey Everyone,

    We have a feist--she is a short hair dog--that thinks she's human. She sheds all the time, but the breeder we purchased her from told us that this breed doesn't shed much. Can anyone give advice on slowing down the hair loss with supplements, diet, shampoo, or anything at all? I am too ill to vacuum every day and we are drowning in hair! Help us, please?????

    Thanks, pat460
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  2. larryh

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    we haven't had much luck with stopping the shedding, but did find a shampoo that makes all the loose hair come out when you bathe the dog. On our 100 lb black lab it was hand fulls. The biggest problem now is that I don't feel up to bathing him often enough, but for several weeks after the shampoo there is hardly any loose hair. It is Furminator Deshedding Solution and we found it at PetCo. Hope this helps.

  3. JLH

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    If she stays inside house, don't bathe too often or you will dry her skin out. When shampooing, use a shampoo with a skin conditioner, or like Larry said, use a Deshedding Solution.

    If she's been to a vet's office, or a groomer's shop, check her for fleas that she could have picked up there. They will irritate her skin, cause her to scratch, and shed more.

    This happened to our beautiful Himalayan cat when we took her to the vet to be fixed. She had to stay overnight and the cage that they kept her in must have had fleas. She came home in awful shape, and we couldn't figure out her problem for days, and only after my oldest daughter picked her up and started combing through her long hair.
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    After you've talked to the vet to make sure your pup is ok and have tried the shampoos and food changes (if the vet recommends a change)try buying one of those shedding tools they advertise on TV.

    I use a regular shedding blade, like you use on horses, on my black lab. She loves it. They call this a blade, but it isn't something that cuts the hair. We used the back side, smooth side, to scrape water off the horse after they were bathed. (I worked on the race track with thoroughbreds for 7 years.)

    On Rey, my golden, I use the little shedding tool they advertise on TV. Got it at Wal-Mart for $10. It works really well.

    With Rey I have to brush him out first and then use the deshedder. On a small short haired dog you wouldn't have to brush them out first and I would just put him on your lap (with a towel!) and use it on him all over. It doesn't cut the hair either, just takes out the loose stuff. I have to run it down the lab's back each time I use it on Rey because she likes it, too.

    You can imagine the fur problem in my house! If I don't swiffer every day it is in drifts! Of course I expected this with two big dogs, both breeds that shed pretty much year round and have a major "turn" 2 to 4 times a year. We don't have dust bunnies cuz the dog hair ate them!

    Good luck!


    Stop and smell the puppies!
  5. pat460

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    My sweet little Oreo and I both appreciate it.

    I definitely will try the shampoo you recommend. I have been using one with a conditioner but I suspect she still has dry skin. She does scratch quite a bit. I have searched for fleas thinking that was the answer but haven't seen one. She only gets a bath every couple of weeks (or when she finds a mud puddle)so I don't think I'm bathing her too often. My pain is too draining to bath her any more than that.

    Target has the deshedding comb you mentioned and I am ordering one tomorrow! I started to buy one before but hesitated. Now that I know they work I will get one.

    As for her food, I feed her Purina. Her vet said it was fine but I think it does have a lot of corn in it. Somewhere I read about giving a dog oil supplements for their coat. Might have been Omega 3 or fish oil? I can't remember now, but it made sense. What do you all think?

    You all are the greatest! pat460 and Oreo
  6. pat460

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    I appreciated all of the replies! I knew you guys wouldn't let me down!

    dncnfngrs: Thanks to your reply, I just ordered a variety sample pack of Flint River Ranch dog food. Oreo's diet is probably a lot of the problem. I never thought all the crap in dog foods was good for her, but I didn't have a clue what would be good for her. I also looked up the thread you mentioned by Pocohontas606. It did contain some good advice. I ordered some probiotics and am also going to add the oils as well.

    I'll report back in a couple months and let you all know how it's all working.

    In your debt! pat460 and Oreo
  7. pw7575

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    Wow I had NO idea that there was so much you could do about the shedding. I have one dog. She is a 60 pound Husky and Australian Sheppard mix. She sheds ALL the time and it is alot. We have hair EVERYWHERE.

    Thanks for this post because I have a hard time vaccuming with being sick.

    I will definitely check into all of these posts and suggestions!

  8. joyfully

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    I use NUTRO brand. I purchase it at PetSmart.

    It is called NutroUltra , Nature's Very Best Ingredients. Ultra Holistic Nutrition.

    I get the one for puppys because of the age of the dog.

    This stuff WILL make the hair more glossy. I don't know what it would or wouldn't do for shedding because I have a minature schnauzer who doesn't shed. I'd go bonkers if I had to clean dog hair.

    On the front of the bag it also says:
    "with chicken meal, lamb meal, and salmon meal.
    With whole brown rice for energy and performance
    with sunflower oil for healthy skin and shiny coat
    with flaxseed and fish oil for ALA and DHA
    Tomato Pomace-kelp-cranberry-garlic"

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