Dog Therapy??

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by shari1677, Sep 20, 2010.

  1. shari1677

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    I havent posted here in a while - as I have been feeling really good. I was diagnosed with FM at about 36/37 - I am 43 now. It was a long haul.

    My friends seem to think the reason I am feeling better - is because I got a dog - a lhasa apso. It is a relatively small dog, about 15 pounds, which is much easier for me to take care of. Not to mention, she was 8 years old when I got her, so she doesn’t require a lot of exercise/playing.

    I do, however, need to take her for walks, and I do need to provide her with attention, obviously.

    I have gotten our walks up to 1 mile a day! For me - that is a HUGE success!!

    In the meantime, I have STOPPED taking narcotics (drug free over a month now). I also have been able to quit taking my sleeping aid AND acid reflux medications.

    I am now down to Lyrica (free through Pfizer) and Prozac ($4.00 at the local store). This is saving me a small fortune - to the tune of almost $100.00 a month (I do not have medical insurance).

    I'm suggesting - for those of you who can do it - get a small dog. She has provided me with more than I provide her…I'm sure!
  2. Debra49659

    Debra49659 New Member

    Shari, welcome back! I am glad to hear you're having more good than bad days. I have two little friends; Toby-toy poodle and Faith-pom-chi, I also have my big guy Blue and he is a blue healer.

    My husband doesn't understand why I am so attached to my furry friends. He teases me about having OCD in regards to our pets. I very well might however, pets may be my best therapy yet!

    They are always with me at home and love to be close to me. When I am out what a wonderful greeting they give when I return.

    I guess what I am saying is they are sometimes the only company I have when my husband and daughters are at school/work..etc.

    I totally agree with both of you.


    PS: I read that pets can extend the lives of the elderly.

  3. hermitlady

    hermitlady Member

    I am a firm believer that pets are very good for the soul. I have always had dogs and cats from birth on, couldn't live without them.

    I got a Brittany puppy this summer, she's 5 mos old now. One of the reasons I got her was indeed for the therapy aspect, she's such a sweetheart. I grew up w this breed, had 3 of them in the past and they were always my best friends. So, I wanted my family to experience life w a Brittany...and I selfishly wanted a new therapist:)

    I'm thinking of training her to be a therapy dog so I could take her out to make other people happy. I'll have to wait awhile, since she's a wild child adolescent right now...she is the best entertainment around!

    I also have cats who have stuck by me, literally, thru thick and thin. They make wonderful heating pads and their purrs are so relaxing. If only they knew how to run the vacuum...I find cat hair in the strangest places!


    Yes, there are so many wonderful animals waiting for their people to find them and take them home. I've rescued MANY dogs and cats over the yrs, got them shots, spayed and neutered and then gave them away to good homes. Expensive little hobby!
    I was in contact w a Brittany Rescue online/phoning for 6 mos, but could never find a compatible dog. I did have about a 6 month search for my pup, not an easy breed to find these days. The only sad thing about adopting a pet is the fact that many people cannot afford the adoption fees...some of these rescued animals cost hundreds of dollars to adopt. My sister recently adopted a rescued feral kitten and paid $100 for him (she can easily afford it tho and he was neutered/vaccinated)...but many people simply don't have the money to save these guys.

    Oh if I only had a zillion dollars, I'd have a zoo on my property![This Message was Edited on 09/21/2010]
  4. astroherb

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    Just wanted to comment that a really good place to find a pet is at online. You can put in the kind of dog you want and the cities that you are near and it will pull up a list of dogs that are in the area pet shelters. It will show a picture and tell a little bit about the animal, adoption fees, etc. I found my dog this way and was so happy I did. He helps keep me happy and calm. There is nothing better than pet comfort when you are sick or hurting.

    The shelters are overflowing now with unwanted pets because of the bad economy. Anything you can do to save the life of a furry friend is very much appreciated.

  5. msbsgblue

    msbsgblue Member

    I have a 2 year old toy poodle who can actually sense my pain and days when I am feeling really ill. She comes to sit and cuddle me. She understands when "mommy" is not up to playing and when I am. She seems more human then my family at times.

    Get a prescription from you doctor and get her certified as a therapy dog and she can go just about anyplace you can. I did, and I would not change one thing.
  6. u&iraok

    u&iraok New Member

    I definitely believe this. My dog was for me. And vice versa.

    The only caution if your immune system and gut are messed up, dogs carry worms. So have that awareness.

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