Dog tired, but this aint taking me down!

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  1. judywhit

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    Hi FMers,
    just got back from a 3 day camping trip with my horse. No hubby to help me out on this trip! Rode 2 days in a row total of 11 hours. I rode some of the most difficult trails I have ever encountered! Terrain kind of reminds one of the grand canyon. Very steep shale going down to the canyon floor. And yep, you have to go up to! Was pretty hot and dusty also. After being DOG tired not only did I water and feed my horse but managed to feed myself too. Drove 200 miles today. I just want to encourage those that have this DD not to give up ever!!!! I attribute my new found stamina from my Gazzelle work out machine, Fatigue to fantastic vitamins, Fibro care, B vitamins and alot of prayer for strenght! I did have my 5mg tabs of oxycodone and have to admit I took 5 everyday. Guys, this is coming from a lady that has been off work for over two months because of a major flair- in bed 14 hrs a do not give up ever!!!! I will keep you posted on my progress. My horse is bone tired from dragging my bum around!
    p.s I live in wa state on the western side of the state. very wet. I was riding in the eastern part of the state-very try. I was not as achy nor stiff nor stuffy headed. I think for me anyways the humitity plays a huge part in my pain.
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  2. Megster

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    Thanks for sharing that. I just spent the whole day in bed with a migraine, first time I've allowed myself to do that in a long time, and I think it will be the last, as it made me feel worse, in many ways. There are days that getting out of bed seems like it is just more than I can do, but my daughter's only eight, and the guilt of making her make her own breakfast, lunch, AND get herself out the door to school compels me to do so. It's hard, it hurts terribly, but now I realize that staying in bed sure doesn't make me feel any better.

    Your trip sounds wonderful, and reminds me how healing being out in nature has always been for me. I'll just have to make it a priority to get out there more often now.


  3. nogilroy

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    to you it sounds like you had a good time even though you are tierd i am so glad that you told us . i dont think i could ride a horse that long . but i can not wait to get out side now and work in my gardens bye for now
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    Hi Judy,
    Glad you're back ok. Come on down here to Central Oregon. Zillions of miles of gorgeous trails. Very dry here east of those same Cascades.
    Love, Tibbie
  5. judywhit

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    I was kind of hesitant to share my story but after reading the responses was glad I did. I wanted to encourage others that this is not the end of the road, Just time to take control. This DD can easily take hold of you and drag your bum down but stay on top of it and do not let it!
    Madwolf...we rode from Burke lake out of George. Took the trails to the left of the lake and headed down the canyon to the Columbia. Rode to the ancient Lakes and to the river. BREATHTAKING!!!
    I have noticed a huge difference in stamina and overall well being after several months on this regime:
    1)"Fatigued to Fantastic" Daily energy Enfusion- this is a drink mix with 39 vitamins,mnerals,amino acids and malic acid. 1 scoop a day. buy at iherb on the web.
    2)Fatigued to fantastic Daily Energy B complex
    3)B-12 dots sublingual 500mcg
    4)Folic acid 800mcg (a must to absorb B's)
    5)Fibro-care (has magnesium and Malic acid, vit C, B1, B6) 4 per day. made by TyH I purchase from a local pharmacy but if you look up Tyh on web you can find it.
    Well for those who asked that is what I faithfully take. Cost is about $50.00 per month.
    I know that what works for me might not be your magic potion but the Energy enfusion drink is a must and I bet it works for most people. Still looking for that magic sleeping potion!

    Hi Tibbiecow- email down again! taking off again today for a road trip to see inlaws. Hold the package.

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  6. Kathryn

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    I am full of envy at your camping trip. My husband doesn't ride, or even like horses, so I have nobody here to ride with. We go up to Bremerton sometimes to visit family, and I am guessing you might not be too far from there? I could maybe drop my mare & trailer at your place, do the family bit, & come back to ride with you? You could also come to Oregon if you like. We have a 24' travel trailer that we use for guest quarters. Maybe a camping trip somewhere that fishing is available for the spousal unit? I can see all sorts of possibilities here. I want to ride again!
  7. Tibbiecow

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    To anyone nearby enough to come down to Oregon, lets go riding!
    Tibbie from Central Oregon