Dog with lymes, need suggestions

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by morningsonshine, Apr 10, 2008.

  1. morningsonshine

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    Our small little dog, Pompoo, came down with lymes when she was a puppy.

    We took her to the vet and she seemed to fully recover from the antibiotics.

    She is now three years old, and i just took her to the groomer this week, and the lady told me she was starting to get arthritic in her hip joints, and wanted to know how old she was.

    Well at three that's pretty early, and i'll lay money on it being connected with her having lymes.

    Even tho she's "recovered", has anyone treated there own dog for this? What did you do and how did it go?

  2. stick2013

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    Have you made sure that she gets her Lyme titer every year??? Yes they do get very stiff with Lyme disease. There are OTC dog meds that you can buy for joint and muscle health. Much like the drugs we take, except for dogs. You could also ask your vet for some medication for it also.

    Lyme is a nasty disease for humans and animals....
  3. victoria

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    it's likely that, like in humans, she won't really get rid of it. Likely the most your vet will do is one or 2 courses of abx. If s/he does something differently, please let us know? Often animals get more cutting edge treatment before people do.

    I believe 1 of our current dogs has it as he came from a shelter in an area known to have it, but never has come up + on tests over the years. He shows signs of intermittant lameness tho, not chronic. (Other classic signs often include loss of appetite and lethargy, which he also gets at the same time)

    In the past, while I have no idea if some of our dogs had lyme or not, wouldn't surprise me as it has been tracked very close by;

    but for what it's worth we did find glucosamine/chondroitin made a huge difference for our dogs that showed signs of arthritis regardless of why.

    One of them had a LOT of bone spurs at age 9, after which we gave her glucosamine/ch. daily (along with rimadyl as needed). At age 13, she had NO bone spurs, amazingly. (Especially since she was a lab, very prone to arthritis.)

    The others had no spurring, we just figured it was arthritis and since they responded to treatment, we kept it up. Our current dog, as I said, only has intermittant lameness (only about 2-3X year for a few days) so we don't give it to him.

    Good luck, I know how much our babies mean to us all!!

    all the best,

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  4. kellygirl

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    I live in NE PA and we have a lot of ticks here. My dog and a neighbor's dog were both dx'd and went through treatment.

    I often wondered, being my dog is about 16 if the arthritis has anything to do with her bout of Lyme years before.

    She is doing well except for the arthritis.

    She had one series of antibiotics and the vet said the tests after that will always show Lyme, since she has the antibodies in her system.

    I was tested twice since I also walked with her, but was always negative.

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