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    Well as you all know i have Mr. Lucky the 1 year old Springer-spaniel/ collie check bio for photo,,,,,Anyway he has this habit of licking his front paws excessively sometimes until they bleed,,,,,,,,,not bad though!,,,no trouble walking or running,,,,,

    Don't know why,,,they are clean and i keep the excess hair trimmed,, and i can't find any sores,,,put vitimin E oil on them and,,,,He still has the dew claws (The little ones on the sides right?),,,,,, does anyone know if this is normal?

    Thanks for all advice in advance!,,,,,,Sis
  2. joyfully

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    HI. If there isn't a skin allergy, you may want to try spraying some bitter apple on them. dogs hate the taste of that stuff. You can purchase it at any of your local pet stores in a squirt bottle. i had to spray it on the corner of one of my base cabinets when my puppy was small because she kept chewing on the wood!

    Have you had your vet check this out? Sometimes dogs have allergies to certain types of food in their dog food. Then, you switch to the type that is allergy sensitive and see if that helps with skin issues.

    My minature schnauzer that I had when I lived in San Jose, CA used to get some kind of fungus between the toes. You couldn't even see the fungus, but it would really make her lick the paws. I wonder if it could be something like that?

    The fact that he licks them till they bleed at times says that something is really bothering her on those paws.

    P.S. Beautiful dog!
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    Most dogs who do this do it out of boredom, but it's a very difficult habit to break.

    You can try to scold a bit or try to give a chew bone to keep him occupied.

    Mine does it rarely and stops with a mild warning but I've seen some who continue to do this. The bitter Apple sprays might help too, some really recommend it.


    Nancy B
  4. budmickl

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    had all sorts of allergies, one of which was household dust. Go figure.

    He would lick and chew his paws for 15 - 30 min at a time, unless I would hold his head away from them. Medicine from the vet's helped some, but every night in bed, he would gnaw and gnaw.

    Hope you find an easier answer!

    Maybe he just needs some chocolate chip cookies. LOL

  5. sisland

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    Thanks for the suggestions! I will go and get some of the bitter apple and spray his paws with it!,,,,,,,maybe it is out of boredome but will definetly call the vet if the bitter apple doesn't work!,,,,,,,Thanks again!,,,,,,Sis,,,,,,,,,p.s. wondering if a mixture of water and vinager would hurt?
  6. sisland

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    Lol! Chocolate chip Cookies! your funny!,,,,he gets treats like i give him a hotdog cut into chunks (Cooked of course) everyday!,,,,,,I hope your doing good gal! how's Sam?

    yep i have scolded him and he does stop for a while,,,,,,,,Come to think about it,,,he usually does this when i'm not paying attention to him,,,,,,i have spoiled this boy so it's my fault!,,,,,,,,Hmmmmm!,,,,Sis
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    Hi Sis--I'm not sure if this applies to dogs, but I'll tell you anyway. When I got my kitten last year, I noticed that he excessively licked his front paws--sometimes cleaning his face with them. I thought it was excessive and odd. My husband's elderly aunt was over one day, and she noticed it too. She grew up with lots of animals on a farm, and she swore that some animals did that if it was going to rain the next day--they could sense it. I dismissed it as an old wives tale, but I watched my kitten (also named Lucky!) and I started to notice a pattern between his excessive paw licking and rain (and even snow) the next day! Go figure.

  8. sisland

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    Thanks for the kool insight Laura! My dad and your dh's,Aunt would get along very well!,,,,he bets people a Quarter when it's supposed to rain,,,,,,and guess what it rains everytime,,,,,,,but they say that about cows laying down in the fields to,,,thats a sign of a storm or rain comming!

    I swear thats where he got his money for copenhagen when we were kids!,,,lolol,,,

    Back to the paw problem,, It very well could be allergies overwhelm because when i took him in for his first shots ,,

    He had a severe allergic reaction to them and his eyes and face were swollen big time within an hour of the shots,,,,,,,i had to take him back in for a benedryl shot,,,

    And now i have to give him a benedryl tab an hour before any shots he gets,,,,so if this continues i'll get the vet to run an allergy test on him!,,,,,,,,,,Thanks Again!,,,,,sis
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  9. Janalynn

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    I'd actually check with the vet first to rule out any physical problems then try home remedies. We don't have our dog anymore (rest her soul) but my sister's dog has the same problem and his licking is allergies! Not food allergies but regular ol' allergies, (brain fog!!!). He started with his paws, then started on his tummy.

    Now my Mom's dog licked her paws terribly as well. Upon initial checking we couldn't see anything, but later found very small pieces of mulch way inside (between her pads)which feels like razor blades up in there when its dried. She never had any trouble walking or anything.

    Could be boredom as well. I'd give him a good licking bone or something with flavor that he could work on for awhile. But I'd first have him checked out to make sure it wasn't something physical.
  10. joyfully

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    I don't think I'd try the vingar because it may burn the irritated skin. I don't know that for a fact.

    I used the bitter apple stuff for Gretchen chewing my base kitchen cabinet. I also used the bitter apple near (not on) Rudy's incision when he was chewing the stitches out from getting neutered. The vet had me get a clear kinda' funnel shaped collar to keep him from chewing any more stitches out. I could tell he was uncomfortable with the collar, so I took it off and held him the entire night in my recliner. I don't spoil him, do I????
  11. sisland

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    Thanks all for your suggestions! No vinager joy! i'll try the apple bitters,,,,

    i did some more trimming of the hair around his toes and washed his paws in warm water and put some Vit,,,E,,oil on today ,,,so it has helped alittle,,,,,,,

    I'm Feeding him ALPO a purina Brand of dog food and will check the ingredients,,,Ellie,,,,,,again Thanks everyone,,,,,,,,,,,Sis

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