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    Yes I would like to be your "friend"! It seems to me that pretty much what you've had until now, in your own words have just been a bunch of acquaintances, after all you can't really go party all night with, dancing, drinking, flirting, but if you really think about it unless they stuck with you through thick and thin, then unless they are playing the part of nurse made, they won't be able to take part in this second role in your life, like holding your hand and taking you for a walk, it wouldn't be fair to keep them hanging on just so you can have someone who is symptom free and can understand the pain, fatigue, restlessness, you will end up resenting each other. Try and make some alike friends that you can listen to and find out all the ohhhhh..'s and the ahhhhh's, how you usually find them coming out of your boyfriend, and friends and realize they are totally blind about this, just as if you were the healthy one. Be a friend first, and try to let them make them and draw their own conclusions. You don't get to pick your friends, you get to meet someone who understands you and you hopefully understand them. Don't make this all about your DD. I had met someone before I was diagnosed with CIFAS. (we are no longer friends because I chose something else for my circle of support and friends. See, don't OWN you disease!
    It's not just yours it's a chronic illness and anyone can get it. She used to place pamphlets all over her cars,
    and still all over her house that go something like this; Due to the seriousness of my illness and my fibromyalgia, and you've been in some third world country don't come knocking on my door until you are sure you are free of disease and or wear a mask over your face. You must deal with yourself first, then, understand all the changes on your body, and then, and only then, can you expect non ill persons to understand you.

    So, seeing how pure and honest I am, do you still want to be my friend?
    Let's give a try!


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