Doing Cartwheels with Cholestyramine

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Ahorsesoul, Jul 25, 2003.

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    I noticed a difference two weeks after starting Cholestyramine (Questran, plain not diet or flavored). Now after a month, I could do cartwheels. It is like night and day. Friends and their husbands are also commenting on how big a change I have made. Some of these people do not know I am taking this medicine. I still do not understand exactly how to schedule this medicine with my meals. (I have some memory problems not related to FM.) Even without taking this "correctly" I have had excellent results. My schedule of taking it is as follows; I take it when I remember, sometimes once, twice or three time a day. I do not get hung up on the schedule. I recommend trying Cholestyramine. I still have FM problems, it has not cured me. But the fog has lifted and I feel that I can live a life.
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    I went to a doctor that was starting a treatment program for FM. This doctor prescribed the cholestyramine for FM symptoms. She also said she now starts all her FM patients on this treatment first. She has seen remarkable results. I would not have tried this if I had not seen a friend improve on this treatment. I suggest you print off Dr Shoemaker's information and take it to your doctor. I had my regular doctor review the medication, she said there was nothing that would harm me.
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    This is such good news! After testing positive for neurotoxins(Shoemaker's site), my naturopath wrote a script for "light" (aspartame) cholestyramine. I rejected it, because I avoid all food additives and preservatives that I know about. So, I'm waiting for the unsweetened, so that a compounding pharmacy can prepare it in gel caps. The dose recommended for me is once at night, before bed. Seems like I keep reading people need 2-3 doses. I'm a little worried, too, because I know it causes constipation. Is that a problem for you? If so, can you share what you do to deal with it?


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    I am very happy for you and also very envious.
    I am taking colestid, the tablet form of the powder you are using for a whole other reason but haven't seen any improvement in the FM at all. However I won't complain because it has fixed my post gallbladder surgery problem VERY well.
    I am always happy to hear that something is working for some of us.
    Hopefully you will only continue to do better as time goes on.

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    I am still feeling great after taking Questran. It was prescribed to be taken four times a day for one month. I had problems even remembering to take a vitamin once a day, so I just did the best I could. I was told to drink more water if it constipated me. I drank lots of water, so never had any problems. These are the things I have noticed since I started: Lost seven pounds without dieting, my bladder/bowels are not irritable now, am sleeping better, LOTS more energy (major), over all soreness is starting to decrease, night time eye problems are GONE, (my eyes now recover quickly from the headlights!)I did go round and round with my Pharmacy with the Questran, they wanted to give me 'lite' kind, then an Orange flavored. (They were worried I would not like the taste) I kept telling them to give me plain, no flavors. After three times of refusing what they gave me,I finally got it. Down side of taking Questran, it absorbed all the Premarin. Hot Flash City! Anyone having good results with nature estrogen products?
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    Good to hear you're still improving.

    I will start a compounded cholestyramine in about 10 days. The pharmacist said I'll need 4 capsules to equal a scoop of
    canned. He also said that I should take a capsule 4x a day, instead of 1x, which my naturopath advised me to do, at bedtime.

    You said that you're taking "plain" Questran, does the plain
    have sugar? My doctor gave me a script for generic cholestyramine, but the pharmacist first gave the "light"
    which had aspertame. The only other canned CSM had sugar, the pharmacist said. That's why I ended up with the compounded capsules because I'm hypoglycemic.

    So, I guess my main question to you is: Does the Questran you're taking have a sweetner of any kind?


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    I never ever heard of this!!and I get around on this internet~ What is it for?Prescription?? Thanks :)
  9. isee

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    What I know is that it's a cholesterol lowering drug that is
    a protocol used to treat CFS and FMS by binding with biotoxins, resulting from a myriad of bacterial infections. It's a resin so it bypasses our digestive system and binds with toxins in the bile. In doing so, it keeps biotoxins from being reabsorbed by our bloodstream.

    A couple of doctors, Dr. Shoemaker and Dr. Teitelbaum, have
    publicized it in their protocols. And, it supposedly, targets neurotoxins, that affect many central nervous system
    issues, including, brain fog, coordination, etc.

    That's what I know.

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    I'll keep a watch on this.... Theres too many drugs out there!!
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    I'm glad this is doing so much for you.
    Just want to caution those on thyroid or hyper coagulation protocols that this drug can interfere with the absorption of your thyroid med or your blood thinner.
    Also, long term use can cause severe vitamin deficiencies of vitamins E and K esp.
    Will you be taking this for a limited time only to get rid of toxins, or do you have to keep taking it?
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    I have also been on it for about 5 weeks. I have addopted a digital kitchen timer. I drink my first dose when I get up and set the timer for 30 minutes. When it goes off I eat and the set it for 3 hours. Then do the whole thing over again. This is the only way I can get 3 or 4 doses in. Glad you're feeling better.Me too! I have also started no amylose (NO sugar-grains-bananas-underground veggies) diet and feel even better.
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    I have asked (I thought) everyone and they act like I'm nuts, for a cholestyramine like you said without additives..just the Cholestyramine. How do I get this formulation?
    Also...I was told to always take it on a empty stomach and wait 30 mins. before taking all my other 'stuff' because it will interfere with anything fat soluble (vitamins), etc.[This Message was Edited on 08/03/2003]
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    bump bump
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    Cholestyramine powder for a week help lower my choelesteral. Have lost an inch off my waist, don't know about how much weight, made a frisbee out of my scale last year... lol. Good to hear it is good for soaking up toxins also! Maybe it will help me feel better?

    Smiles, Karen
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    (BUMPING) :)

    A naturopath is one type of doctor that can prescribe Choletryamine? One did it for you, Anna?

    Learning all I can about this, as I tested positive for toxins on the VCS test of Dr. Shoemaker's website.

    I hope I end up with similar results as Ahorsesoul, even if my treatment path is different.
    Kate (Createhope)