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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by lbok, Nov 13, 2005.

  1. lbok

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    This is becoming a bigger chore than it should be (lol). I have to wear gloves because my hands are so red and cracked to begin with. But it seems like I have weakness (besides being sore) that makes it hard to grab and hold onto the dishes. The weakness and pain is in the pad at the bottom of the thumb joint. It hurts to press there and if I am trying to wash anything heavy like a pan my wrists just bend. Of course my husband loves to cook but like all great chefs doesn't clean up after himself - that is apparently for the kitchen staff - me :)

    I'm wondering if there are any plactic braces or something to wear while I'm washing the dishes. Or any other suggestions that I'm probably not thinking of. Thanks.
  2. cosmoo

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    Hi, well I think you are on the right track when you mentioned braces.Ihave assorted wrist issues and the only way to do a lot of dishes is to wear a brace that is made for carpel tunnel and then I put a larger pair of rubber gloves over it because they don't make a brace that is water proof. It's akward at first but you get used to it and it give support at that thumb-joint-pad intersection you are talking about. I just bought an "ace" brand one from walgreens -make sure it has a metal bar that runs from that thumb joint down your wrist. They run about 10.00 and wrap on with velcro. I wouldn't suggest the neoprene only ones as they have no additional support. They are machine washable but not water proof. Going even further if it's not tomuch trouble I would slather on some shea butter, then some thin cotten gloves (bedtime type cheap at walgreens), then the brace then the rubber gloves and give your hands some fabulous pampering during an otherwise miserable chore. It's really not as bulky as it sounds.
    Heres to more suds and less pain!
  3. suzetal

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    Saw an orthopedic doctor .Have tendinitis in my left hand .I wear a brace 24/7 for that.My last visit he gave me a shot.Id did not work so now I go for minor surgery.

    I also have carper tunnel in my right hand.He had me have a custom carper tunnel brace made.It is made of a very hard plastic.I can do dishes with it and bath with it on.

    I will be going for surgery for the carper tunnel after the holidays.

    My brace for tendinitis can not get wet, my plastic brace can.

    You might want to find an orthopedic doctor to check out your wrist and hands.

  4. lbok

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    I'm glad to see that using a brace might be helpful. I haven't had much success with trying to recruit my 12 yr old daughter to do the dishes.

    Interesting to know that they will custom make a brace. I think I'm going to leave some of the pots and pans until tomorrow and give this a try. Thanks.
  5. lbok

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    I have to admit that I am one of those people who wash their dishes BEFORE they put them in the dishwasher. I don't scrub them completely but still rinse them with dish soap and wipe them off. The last time my Dad visited he laughed at what me for doing that but I can't stand to see the dishes go in dirty.

    I don't know if I am organized enough to do the dishes as they get dirty. It probably would be easier. It seems like around here there are dirty dishes every time I turn around. No sooner do I clean up then there is another pile. And I can not manage to get everything IN the dishwasher - especially the pots and pans. My sink is hard to work with too - it is one of those divided ones with neither side accomodating large stuff and the faucet is too low. I want a new kitchen faucet for Christmas - can you tell I've been married for awhile (lol).

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