Doing Glutathione - Strong Reactions!

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    Thanks. I'll look the book up. I'm trying to locate people diagnosed with fibro/ cfids who found out they had lymes. If you know anyone, please ask them to respond. I'm looking for viable natural therapies. I think the antibiotic thing is a big moneymaker for doctors, as I read antibiotics become useless.
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    There are a lot of people who were first diagnosed with FM or CFS or CFIDS and later found out they had Lyme disease and other tick-borne infections, on's Medical Questions Board.

    You can read posts and post your own questions there. You can search topics and read about many different therapies.

    If you would like to join lymenet, you can go to, click on flash discussion, sign up for free, click on "Medical Questions" board and read posts, search posts and post your questions.

    On, I am Dekrator48.
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    Thanks. I will go on there tomorrow. Since I have been unable to get rid of the neck pain I have, and reading a lot of what you stated, I'm looking at the possibility of Lyme disease being the culprit - or at least a part of the picture.
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