Doing Something For ME!!!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by MiahRoo, Sep 7, 2003.

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    Well I'm in crazy pain because of everything that has recently happened but I'm still excited anyway. Well first of all I should explain that I have this problem. I don't love myself. I never really have. I feel guilty for all the good things that happen in my life. I feel guilty for having such an amazing fiance who is so in love with me it can make me weep just looking at him. I feel guilty when I take a bubble bath sometimes! Having this fibro has been hard but at the same time a small piece of me thinks "well fine, I deserve it." But that's going to change. I've been in therapy for a while now. Which I think all of us should do at some point or another. We have so much to deal with, it's fantastic to have a person to just let out all the frustration, anger, sorrow etc..and get wonderful positive feedback.

    But my point here is this. I'm making a change. A big one. I'm moving out of the apartment for a little while, staying with my mother. My poor fiance is having a hard time understanding this. But I need to do something to better myself. To make me feel good, even though I'm physically feeling like crap everyday. The least I can do is try to make myself emotionally well. I have a lot of issues that I won't get into here, but the whole point of this change is to try to overcome them. I simply can not do that while living with my fiance, being with him. I can not involve him in this experience as much as I want to. I just can't. It's breaking my heart to leave, even though it will only be for 3-4 weeks but this is just so huge. This is something that can make my life better, make ME better. I Just had to come here and share my excitement with everybody. We all need to do something like this at least once in our lives. Make a leap for something greater.

    I think this will also help my fibro. I have so much emotional stress 24/7 because of the issues I makes my pain so much worse than what it has to be. So seperating myself from my fiance for a little while. Being on my 'own' and just doing a good selfish thing is going to be a hard, but amazing change. Just had to share. :) Thanks for listening.
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    So true what you said. As long as you believer your are not worthy of better health or better anything you wont achieve it. Learning to love yourself will open the world to you and you will find you do deserve it. I am so happy for you. Thank you for sharing your life changing step.
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    You are doing this for the most important person in the world...YOU! Go for it and take all the time YOU need.
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    you have just taken the most important step for the rest of your life.

    I know several people who have a relapsing remitting course of their DD. To heal they withdraw; heal the body, mind, and soul; and that gets them back to work and a better quality of life.

    Emotional stress is so damaging to our health and self esteem.