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Discussion in 'Lyme Disease Archives' started by pumpkinpatch, Jun 17, 2006.

  1. pumpkinpatch

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    I'm worried about you suffering and being bedbound for the past 3 years with lyme. Is there any way you could see or phone an LLMD? You need to be on antibiotics even if it's a small dose and increasing over time. Please let us know.


  2. dolphin3

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    Hi Cindy thanks for your concern it really helps me knowing i am not alone with this horrendous disease.iam in contact by telrphone with a LLMD and i have been on several antibiotics .i feel i am going downhill rapidly even have difficulty swallowing some days.i do try to keep a sense of humour and being able sometimes to come to this wonderful site and know i am not alone helps me so much once again tphanks .dolphin p.s ihad to come off abx a few weeks ago cause iam bruising a lot
  3. pumpkinpatch

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    Has your LLMD ever mentioned INTRAVENOUS THERAPY. It might work better for you if you can't tolerate the orals. What has he recommended for you?

    If been treating for lyme with some form of abx (combinations) for 1 year now.

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    So sorry you are so ill.

    You need to try to get in contact with another llmd. There are so many differetn meds that can address Lyme. Have you been tested and treated for coinfections? The bruising can be from a coinfection.

    Healing thoughts come your way!
  5. dolphin3

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    Thanks everyone i will be speaking later this week to my doc so i will let you all know how i get dolphin
  6. pumpkinpatch

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    Yes, let us know. Have all your questions ready!!