DOMS: delayed onset soresness & fatigue in athletes & CFS?

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    Since my latest crash (after a brief burst of energy from a new methylation/B12 protocol), I have been wondering why certain supps (l-carnitine, carnitine fumarate, NADH, malic acid and calcium pyruvate) have all helped me with energy, but only temporarily, and I always end up back at square one. Rich addressed this issue in a post earlier today (see "Rich -increased energy on Freddd's methylation protocol").

    So this morning I thought I would look at the problem from a different angle - instead of trying to find things to increase energy, I began to wonder if exercise itself might be the problem - that byproducts of exercise might be what is causing "post-exertional malaise [actually, acute exhaustion - I hate that word 'malaise', so innocuous for such a devastating condition!]".

    I know this will not be new information to many of you, but it is relatively new to me as I didn't pay much attention when people posted about this a few years ago.

    I first read a little about lactic acid build-up, which I've heard a lot about before in relation to CFS, but then read that lactic acid is not the cause of DOMS (delayed onset muscle soresness - also delayed onset fatigue! in athletes).

    Anyways, I then came across an article about "DOMS" and it sounded remarkably similar to what happens in a CFS crash - fatigue and soreness which can hit 24 hours after exertion and last for days. Recommendations for alleviating this condition are proteolytic enzymes and beta sitosterol.

    Here's the article. It's really quite interesting.

    A few years ago someone - I think it was catseye? - posted about a product called Extra Energy Enzymes which was supposed to help a lot with PEM. I tried it once, I think I reacted badly, may have been detoxing, who knows, but still have the bottle and am going to try it again - will start with 1/2 a tablet and work up gradually if possible.

    Also, as I know many of you are aware, proteolytic enzymes are supposed to help with FM pain and also arthritis pain. I won't have any input on that as I don't have FM.


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