DON MICHAEL M.D. (South Bend, IN)

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    Does any one know anything positive or negative about Don Michael M.D. from South Bend Indiana. I found his name on Mary Shamons "Top Thyroid Doctors" site. There are lots of positive comments. But I wanted to check and see if any one from this board knows anything. Thanks.
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    and I have never heard of him, but that means nothing--South Bend has a LOT of doctors.

    One thing, from my experience, and knowledge from my support group, is that the biggest majority of S.B. doctors either don't believe in FM, or believe that exercise is the cure-all for it.

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    I live in Elkhart, IN... about 20 miles from South Bend. I contacted Dr. Michael by e-mail and he responded rather promptly. I was impressed with his concern but, unfortunately, I was not able to go see him because he doesn't accept our Blue Cross Insurance Plan. (couldn't afford to go without insurance)

    I can't remember anymore what it was that I liked about him but it might be worth your time to contact him. Good Luck.

    Blessings of Health,
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    For Karbo...