Don Pardo is Gone

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    After a career of some 70 years on radio and TV, announcer Don Pardo died at
    age 96. He worked on all kinds of programs, but was especially known for game
    shows and Saturday Night Live. Here is a comment from one poster. (Not me.)

    "Tell him what he's won!

    Well, Don, you've just won Eternal Relaxation with those you love! You'll stay
    in a place of your dreams doing all the things you enjoyed here on Earth! But
    that's not all! You'll enjoy a pain free existence and a complete blissful
    understanding of everything, ALL AT ONCE!!! Congratulations, Thanks for
    Playing and remember... YOU were a winner ON,... The 'EARTH-LEEEE

    Just kidding Don, Rest in Peace. Please announce me when I arrive if you aren't
    too busy."

    I'd say that a pretty nice tribute.

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    "Spanning The World"...and now Heaven too!

    Love, Mikie