Don't ever sleep with your heating pad on!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Blueflora, Sep 10, 2004.

  1. Blueflora

    Blueflora New Member

    Dear all:
    I just read a post about this and I am very distressed!

    This is very dangerous- you can burn yourself, or worse
    the pad can short out and start a fire!

    You can get one of those buckwheat sacks, or make one form an old sock stuffed with grain or rice.

    This can be microwaved- the heat will be retained and you will be safe!

    Peace to all, Blue

  2. Shirl

    Shirl New Member


    Thanks blueflora 09/10/04 03:15 PM

    You are absolutely right that going to sleep with a heating pad on is dangerous. THANKS for your concern.

    I guess my brain is fuzzy today. When I am flaring and use a heating pad I don't sleep, I just lay in bed with the pad, I guess I phrased it badly.

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  3. mrcpvls

    mrcpvls New Member

    My heating pad shuts off after a certain amount of time on its own. It also shuts off automatically if you lie on it by accident. I don't fear using mine at all. I would not sleep much at all without it.
  4. KittyLover224

    KittyLover224 New Member

    I laid in bed with my heating pad on my sore back last night and fell asleep with it on, after thinking "I HAVE to turn this off in a minute". It just felt so good having that warmth and the relief of the back pain for even a few minutes. I freaked this morning when I realized what I'd done. VERY important point you made here.
  5. tandy

    tandy New Member

    only during the day when I take my naps~
    never at night,..all night!!
    Good point!
    If I was getting burned by mine, I would'nt even know it!! I sware,....I can stand some heat applied!!
    I'll shut mine off and my whole back will be beat red and hotter than heck!! But it acually soothes my pain.

    Take care/thanks for warning us all!!

  6. moxiepup

    moxiepup New Member

    Hi: Good advice, I went out and bought the kind that shuts off after 2hrs. I think, it's great.

    I also sleep with an electric blanket that I use to warm the bed which I put on before I go to bed and shut off when I get in.

    An older lady 2 streets over from me lost her whole house because she left her electric blanket on all day..poor thing this was in the middle of the day too..

    I think the newer ones shut off if they get too hot, I could be wrong about that I don't know.

  7. basethound

    basethound New Member

    hi blue, its been a while back but I posted about heating pads, I use to use them for hrs, but when I went to the nuro surgeon he told me, you were only to use them 20 MINUTES on 20 MINUTES off and I forgot what else he said, but it was something about bringing the blood to the top of your skin where you use the heating pad and then your blood doesn't get to circulate and this could cause you problems, thank you for reminding me of the dangers, and others,take care, Barb
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  8. petsrme

    petsrme Member

    What a coincidence this is to me that this post was here tonight. For the first time in years I got out my beanbag pad and my neck pad and heated them in the microwave. I have terrible neck and shoulder ache today. Anyway I put them on and they didn't seem too hot, but after I had taken them off it was about an hour later and my husband said what it that on your shoulder and neck. I looked and I had these huge red blotches.

    They look exactly like the hives I get in the sun. They didn't itch though. It really scared me, but they disappeared after about five hours. There is just a bit of them left in one area.

    I guess my skin is just sensitive. I alway used to get hives in the sun or in heat or ultraviolet light. I guess the heat just broke me out.

    Is this dangerous in any way. I really need to use them because I am in terrible pain in my neck and shoulder. I can hardly move my neck. Does this have anything to do with what someone said about the blood not circulating.
  9. petsrme

    petsrme Member

  10. jadibeler

    jadibeler New Member

    I used to sleep on my heating pad all the time, for years. Then one night I burned myself, on the little solid thing that is in them - it's a connection of some sort.

    As to electric blankets, I always heard not to lay anything on top of them which could break the wires inside. I stopped using them because my dogs all curl up beside me on top of the covers and sleep on the bed during the day - they also have to "dig" a bed for themselves. Better safe than sorry.

  11. basethound

    basethound New Member

    I found the post about heating pads, it was posted on 5-24-04 under my name, for more info from other's, I again want to say thanks for reminding me about the heating pad, but when I read back, it was about heat in general, take care everyone, Barb
  12. Marjidoll

    Marjidoll New Member

    They are called "Thermacare" and you can buy a package of three in the analgesic section of most groceries, drug, or mass merchandise stores.

    They are a bit pricey, but you can put them on and they stay nice and warm for about 12 hours. No electricity involved and the temp. stays constant so there is no danger of burning your skin or starting a fire.

    There are three different sizes. One that fits over your shoulder and neck area, a large wrap that fits lower back, and then there are ones that you can use inside your undies for menstrual cramps. The one for your neck and shoulders have adhesive and you can wrap them around your wrist or even you knees.

    I love them and when I am really in pain, I use two or three at a time depending on where I am hurting.
  13. Ancient1

    Ancient1 New Member

    Electric blankets are not any better.

    When I was only 13 mine melted into the mattresses catching the entire bed on fire.

    I was rolled off the bed onto the floor, no doubt by an Angel and our family was saved. Once I could wake them and convince them there really was a fire in my room.

    Had I rolled back into the melting mess I'd have been scared for life, It was already burning deep into the mattress and our home was filled with smoke.

    Not knowing any better and unable to rouse my parents and little brothers at first, I grabbed the mattress and dragged it out of the house, blankets and all and threw it all in a snow bank where it continued to burn and smolder for two more weeks.

    The noise of my dragging the mattress through the house finally woke my parents who couldn't breath in all the smoke. Even the fire department, who by now had been called couldn't put the fire out completely.

    I was a very blessed little girl!
  14. 2foggy

    2foggy New Member

    Hi! You took the words right out of my mouth. Heard about the problem from a chiro years ago.....basically said "I know it really feels good but it is NOT good for you". I have a heated mattress pad that I turn on in the winter before bed and turn off when I get into bed. Heat stays with me long enough to warm my tired, aching, painful muscles. Although I don't go often enough, my massage therapist uses hot rocks/stones that are wonderful. Sometimes she just lays them on certain trigger points..other times she uses them to massage with. Temporary, granted, but isn't everything??
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  15. Alyssa-Admin

    Alyssa-Admin Active Member

    I had smoke coming out of mine a few months ago - the new one does have a 90 minute turn off section....however, the cats seem to have their own heating pad - a single one that goes under the covers...that never turns off (needless to say, they rarely leave the area!_

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