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  1. kitteejo

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    I went to Dr. Lerner's Web site. I don't seem to fit into his scale at all. HELP!

    I'm out of bed 12 hours a day but in my chair 95% of the day. I can do light house work or gardening for a half an hour a day. I walk to the bathroom, kitchen, mailbox but that's about it. I am not bed ridden.

    I don't see how the scale fits me.

    What do you experienced Dr. Lerner patients think????



    PS Waiting for 9 O'clock to call for my appointment
  2. ladybugmandy

    ladybugmandy Member

    hello. i'd say you are between 1 and 2....but you don't have to come up with a number. just tell him how your days are and he will decide.

    good luck
  3. landrun89

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    Level 5 is Perform with difficulty sedentary job 40 hrs a week..daily naps. While level 4 is Out of bed sitting, standing, walking 4-6 hrs per day. You are clearly not at level 5 and you are somewhat above Level 4. You are somewhat like myself. I am out of bed and active for approximately 10 hrs per day with one nap, sometimes two naps per day. I am able to do grocery shopping & an occasional lunch with friends. I consider myself at 4.5 based on his scale.

  4. acer2000

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    I think his scale is not very good. Its not granular enough, and there are more symptoms to "CFS" than just "fatigue". Like neuological symptoms, etc... For example, its possible to have the cognitive function to work 40 hours a week, but not be able to exercise, or vice versa... his scale doesn't account for that. He should be tracking actual symptoms...
  5. ladybugmandy

    ladybugmandy Member

    yes i dont care much for the scale either. i know the cognitiive is supposed to improve long before the fatigue yet the cognitive issues are not talked about in the scale.
  6. kitteejo

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    The Bell's scale fit a little better, I'm more like a 30 on that one. I have no idea where I found it though. Major fog lately.

    I was going to bring Dr. Lerner's scale to my first appointment with him but no way. I'll let him pick a number.

    By the way Sue, my appointment is Sept. 24th. Does he like you to bring test results or does he just want to start from scratch. I received his package yesterday and the only medical information they ask for is meds.

    Thanks everyone for your response.

  7. ladybugmandy

    ladybugmandy Member

    hello. well....i had a HUGE booklet of test results with me when i went to see dr. lerner. i knew he might not look at them (someone else had told me), so in case he wanted to glance at them, i typed up a summary with the most important results at the top.

    i also made a copy of the booklet of all the tests (with labeled, post-it tabs) just for him to keep in my file in case he felt like looking though it (he eventually will glance through it though maybe not at the 1st appt).

    just give him your copies and let him do the talking. you can ask a few questions and point out a few things but in general, he doesn't like too many questions.

    i think you have made a great choice in going to dr. lerner!!!

    all the best

  8. acer2000

    acer2000 New Member

    Its called the Karnofsky Scale. They would be better off if they all used this scale...

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