Don't know how I'll make it through the week

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by kaiasmom, Jul 11, 2006.

  1. kaiasmom

    kaiasmom New Member

    Well, this is my last week working for the most un-professional, inmature people I have ever worked before in my life. I've been here for over 2 years, and have tried to "make it work", or whatever you want to call it, with little give from their end, and as I have posted previously, I have finally had enough & gave my 2 week notice.

    Upper management never treated me very well around here, because they don't like me too much (I have a very strong personality), but I am very good at what I do, and fast also, so they have "put up with me" for this long because of my work.

    At any rate, my department manager, who I have worked very close with all this time, and I have developed a close friendship with (or so I thought) - our husbands and children are even close - has been treating me like crap (to put it nicely) since I gave my notice. She will hardly speak to me unless she has to, does the nice little things she used to do for me for the receptionist now, and when her children were in on Friday to pick her up, she specifically made them go say hi to everyone else in the office, except for me.

    I am obviously quite hurt by all of this, we have been friends for a couple of years, but I am not suprised - it is her personality to act so immature and selfishly. My guess is that she is having a hard time dealing with my leaving, but it does seem that there would be better ways to handle it. She is 43 years old for heaven's sake, and I am 27 - and I have to be the adult here. I love it.

    Anyways, I could use some support. Last week was really rough, and this week has been even harder, thus far and it is only Tuesday.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Pianowoman

    Pianowoman New Member

    You can do it!! I know this is really tough but you have all of us on your side. You will be proud if you can walk out of there on Friday with your head held high. You know they will miss you and you'll be onto bigger and better things.

    Hang in there and plan something really nice for yourself on the weekend.

  3. kaiasmom

    kaiasmom New Member

    Lord knows I need it......again.

    Keep it coming,

  4. musikmaker

    musikmaker New Member

    You will be much happier with yourself if you can smile at them and act as though nothing is bothering you. Life is a stage and you are the actor. Show them the side of yourself you want them to remember. The person who is proud of the decision they made to leave a company that was treating them poorly. We will all be sending you positive energy.
  5. kaiasmom

    kaiasmom New Member

    Thank you all. I appreciate your advice. I know you are right. I would be best to stand tall, and put on a good act for them all, as hard as it is. I am trying, and will continue.

    Turns out the snotty receptionist may be getting promoted to my job - as if she could pull off what I do - but whatever, if they want this place to go to hell that fast, it's their own business.

    Not sure who's going to train her - my manager doesn't even know how to do some of the stuff I do! I only wish I could be a fly on the wall next week. Oh well, not my problem anymore!!

    Thanks again, I really appreciate you guys.

  6. 6t5frlane

    6t5frlane New Member

    Take the high road, don't burn any bridges and leave on your terms
  7. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    I just posted the poem IF on the poetry post, can you read it, as it says all you need to know to get through.

    LOve Anne Cromwell
  8. kriket

    kriket New Member

    As the old saying goes "You don't know what you have till it's gone" Well sounds like they can sit and think about it. You need to move on. There is something better out there for you anyway. We are all here for you. Stay strong and try to smile.

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  9. spmary

    spmary New Member

    I just read wake me up's reply, and I would have told you the same thing "Right ON" . I"m sure you will get many other replies along the same line.Remember you are a lady and show them how a lady acts. Love, spmary

    PS JUst noticed the date on your post. I should have looked before answering. So I"M very late. But now it is over for you and I know you did just fine.Love, spmary[This Message was Edited on 07/12/2006]

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