Don't know what else to do.....

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    I had my first appt with a hematologist today and all he said was take "take folic acid". Than he looked at all my symptoms and proceeded to say "why all the symptoms? You look healthy, your too young to have health issues.". He refused to put me back on heparin, even though I had GREAT success in the past on it. He said I am too young to be on that type of medicine. The only time I ever felt 1/2 way normal was when I was on Heparin back in 1999. Since than I have moved to a new state and I can't find any Dr who will put me back on it. I feel like giving up. Than Drs wonder why so many people like us are depressed, could it be because THEY are the ones keeping us sick??? DUH! I dont know what else to do I am only 22 years old and Drs are underestimating my symptoms and illness. I guess they will take me serious when I end up in the ER dead from a heart attack or stroke, then again they will probably just shrug their shoulders and go home and sleep well. Anyway thanks for listening and sorry for the rampage:(

    (the one who wants to give up)
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    Don't give up; you need a doc who knows something about our illnesses. It's worth the search.

    Love, Mikie
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    After years of illness I turned to alternative treatments. We are all different tho so you have to find out what's right for you.
    I now have a great GP. as well as an naturopathic & a homopathic Doctor.
    Also my GP does a great treatment for pain using acupuncture. Good Luck.
    LOL. Day
    ps: Just saw a great post here on kyolic garlic it might be helpful to you[This Message was Edited on 04/02/2003]
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    with your search for a doctor who understands what is going on and is willing to help you. Im venturing back into doctor world this saturday to see an immunologist...I know what you mean about them giving you guff because your young. Im 23 and have had this since I was 19, and everyone was just like get over it, you can't have anything too wrong with you when your so young. so I understand, and Im rooting for you. peace!