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    To All - Watch This Powerful Life Changing Message Today!

    I’ve heard a powerful message today that will help everyone tremendously. It is exactly what Tiggy and I have been saying regarding speaking good or evil into your existence by the words that come out of your mouth.

    Watch Creflo Dollar - Changing Your World broadcast today. If you can't find him on T.V. Or if you can't watch it today, then go to his website
    you can watch the program there including every other program you might have missed.

    “Life & Death, - Blessings and Curses - Sowing & Reaping Are In the Power of the Tongue”

    Whatever you sow you shall reap. Be careful what is being sowed out of your mouth because it will come back to you.

    Don’t Miss It!

    This truly works I am a living testimony!

    God bless you and have a good day!


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    I bind you Satan in the name of Jesus, you have no power or authority here. Satan you are a liar and a deceiver, God’s word will not return to him void, but it will accomplish to do whatever it was sent out to do in Jesus name. Amen
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    I have a powerful testimony as to what God can do in your life.

    Visit "Praise report for Jesus thread" read all the posts and see how God can change an immpossible situation around for His glory!

    God bless,
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    Wednesday on the Changing Your World Broadcast

    The Parable of Sowing
    (Part 2)

    The Parable of Sowing - Where you are in life is a result of seeds you have sown? Everything begins with words. They are the means by which we get things to happen in our lives. In this single message by Dr. Creflo A. Dollar, you will discover that words are an essential part of the system that God has put in place to get your needs met. Don't settle for less than what God has for you. It's time to do what it takes to live in God's best.