Don't move to Texas if you need any "benefits"!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Cactuslil, Aug 27, 2003.

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    It is 1:58 as my OCD-11 year old would say! I am livid and almost have no recourse but move out of this corrupt patron system of Govt. (HA!)

    First the local equipment provider rode my ass for a couple of months about a competitor providing my O2 equipment; so I change. Well, some rabid nurse has the equipment pulled from here before other equipment was in place so the local who got the benefits from the power chair, fully electric bed and spinal blanket, not to mention bath helps, elevated toilet et al. illegally put in their "loaner" stuff which is a piece of crap! Antique! No heated unit nada.

    Result is dried sinus (very painful) and two "silver" migraines, of which I had been free of for a year due to the beta blocker's action.

    THEN this "behind the door State" door, sends me a letter insert saying there were signifiant cuts! Docs will be flooding out of chiro's, no psychologists, no
    osteopaths, no glasses but you can get an exam every other year!

    To cork this off, a, is referranced on this notice and when you go there...guess what! Nada!

    So I may be hung out to dry without (pun) a heated humidifier from which O2 is added to the CPAP! CRAP!