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  1. selma

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    Taking Olive leaf extract twice a day.
    Grapeseed extract.
    A multi vit.
    Mylanta-ultra tabs-believe it or not contains 700mg of calcium and 300 of magnesium and was recc. by Rhumy.
    I still take the oxycontin and x-tylenol. 6 days and counting that I'm mostly pain free and tired.
    Oh ya,the integrative mind body clinic told me to take:
    5-HTP which I'm taking 2x a day. &, COq10. So I'm taking those too.
    I have learned to change my FOCUS when the pain is strong.
    I focus on an object, task, idea etc..
    Went to EENT. Pesson who did tests put heavy bags on my shoulders to keep ear plugs in place.
    You know I had to change my focus.
    I don't know whether the OLE or the rest of stuff along with rest is helping me.
    What else are you/others taking with th OLE ?
    Love, Selma
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    For more information.
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    I was not on any supplements prior to taking the OLE...On purpose, I used only it...and have gone off the OLE, and reported symptoms started coming back...went back on and symptoms disappeared again..I have not had such big changes with any other medication or supplement, so I know it is the OLE...If you don't respond to the OLE, maybe you don't have pathogens, to which it is effective..

    Read Dr. Morton Walker's book, Nature's Antibiotic: Olive Leaf Extract..All the reported effects I have reported are, also, in his book and in Pat Palmer's postings in a long article on OLE..