Dontcha just wish you had cfs/ fibro like us, Dontcha Dontcha

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  1. grayfryer

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    Do you have periods like your delirous and have repetitive music going through your head as if your brain was a radio receiver I had two days and nights of just Abba music thankfully it wasnt punk rock !!!
  2. lenasvn

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    In the early days of my fibro years I had this problem constantly! It was a darn pain in the ass! It could keep me awake. then of course, the same darn tune would wake me up in the morning, and would play for me (in my head) the whole day, and the next day, until I heard another tune that would plauge me for days!!!! It was soooo hopeless. It passed, eventually, after a few years. It appears that new Fibro stuff comes along as others leave.
  3. 69mach1

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    was the fibro doing this...iknow others that haven't had it that has the same thing happen to them...i just thnk it is just the brain doing it's own thing...jodie
  4. grayfryer

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    the weird thing is the clarity of the sound and words and its a full rendition of the songs not just chorus lines also at times it was like you had every broadcast of the radio stations and music that youd ever heard locked away in the brain some where,yet to remember the lines and the songs normally is an effort, thankfully this has stopped since a long course of anti biotics, as you say i think it part of a rolling stone of symptoms that ebb and flow with this illness,
  5. sues1

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    A long time ago I was a police dispatcher. A lady called up embarrased to call, but felt that she had to do something about her problem.

    She was hearing music and she thought it might be coming from her cool air register. She was elderly and lived alone.
    I sent an officer after explaining it to him, that she was hearing old time church songs.

    He went and acted as he heard it also.....LOL....tried to learn more about her, etc. But he said that he had no idea where it was coming from. He was back a couple more times, bless him.

    I felt that she was of sound mind. Lovely lady.

    She called a few more times, it was in the evening hours. I knew she had a son living out of state and I got permission to try and find him. I found him on the first try! I knew his profession and name, but she would never tell me more, so I was lucky, I tried one town, of many, that I thought he might reside because of his profession.

    He responded with saying that he would get the first plane out, that he had plans anyhow to fly to see her two weeks from that time that I was speaking to him. I said, No, don't, not yet. Do you have any family friends or relatives in the area that could check on her medicines? Would be best if just acted like a normal visit but to get into the meds. That sometimes folks takes meds that reacts badly with each other and it could be that alone causing this.

    So he called an aunt that lives 35 miles away from his Mom.
    She saw right away that his mother had meds from various doctors and also that she was not taking them correctly. The aunt then got on the phone with Drs. to see what she was to take, when, and if any would be creating a problem.
    His mother had on her own told the aunt about the music.

    The son called me a couple of days later to say that the music was gone, that it was the mixture of meds and not taking them as prescribed also. He thanked me.

    Then his mother called me to tell me that she was no longer having the problems with the music. She thought I would want to know. She had no idea that I had called her son. She also expressed delight that her son would be flying in to see her and that she had other news she wanted to share with me.....(Get out the hankies)....She was in her early 70's.......

    Since the problem was solved, she felt she was in good mind so she said YES to her suitor, that she would marry him! She said she could not if she was losing her mind. Now she felt okay. She giggled and said....he then bought me a beautiful red negligee (SP?) for her birthday! They did marry and had maybe 10 yrs. before he died.

    Here my officers had laughed at me when I said it must be her meds!

    I think this was such a lovely out come. I have times that I hear the same song for a while, but never lasts a long time. If it ever does, I am checking my meds! LOL.