Door bell too costly to have connected

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Bruinz, Dec 6, 2006.

  1. Bruinz

    Bruinz New Member

    I was thinking that if I ever retire I would disconnect
    my door bell. A door bell is a very expensive thing to
    have connected. I don't know about where you live
    but every time my door bell rings someone wants money.

    I don't think in the last two years my door bell has rang
    for anything other than sales or donations or worse
    someone trying to save my lost soul.

    hhhhmmmmm maybe I won't wait till retirement to disconnect
    the bell.

    No, I don't keep the balls that land in my yard.


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  2. abcanada

    abcanada New Member

    That and the phone!!! I put a sign on our door "Baby Sleeping' and people still ring the bell for stupid stuff. I feel sorry for the next person, as I plan to point out how rude they are being. Seems like anytime I try to get rest something is ringing. Take Care and I'd go for it! Laura
  3. fivesue

    fivesue New Member

    I have a peek hole, and if the house is quiet and I don't really want to deal with anyone, I just peek out and if it's someone I don't know, I just don't answer.

    May be rude, but I call it self preservation.

    The phone...we have caller out of area 1-800 numbers do I pick up, and usually they don't leave messages anymore.

    And, we are on the do not call list.

    We don't have to be slaves to our doorbells or our phones.

    Just say no....!

  4. Smiffy

    Smiffy Member

    I have put a sign on my door saying 'We do not buy, sell, give to charity or change our relgion at the door'.

    It doesn't stop them ringing the bell!
  5. Bruinz

    Bruinz New Member

    I am glad I am not alone with hiding from the door bell.
    I will perform the operation of disconnecting it, should
    save me alot of money.

    Thanks for the responce

  6. joyfully

    joyfully New Member

    Several of my neighbors have signs on their doors that simply read, "no solicitations".

    My dry humor is about to appear:

    If they ring your doorbell anyway, ask them what they did with the money. When they ask you what money???, point to the sign and say, "the money that your Mother gave you to get reading lessons." Then shut the door.
  7. findmind

    findmind New Member

    I hung a plaque of two german shepherds over the doorbell; no one seem to figure out it's there!

    I also have a 3x5 card saying: DAY SLEEPER, WAKE AT YOUR OWN RISK at eye level ON THE DOOR.

    My friends know to knock softly; I'm usually dozing on the sofa, so I hear it easily.

    I have a volume control on my message-taking phone; I turn it all the way down when I have to sleep uninterrupted. I've told everyone I rarely sleep in the day longer than 2 hrs, so if they leave a message, I'll get back to them within 2 hours if I'm home.

    Even if it's an emergency, everyone has to wait...that's life around here.

    Of course, I'm lucky that my DP and I don't usually crash the exact same hours, so we can "cover" for each other, and if it's important, wake the other up.

    Hope you find a solution and can get some peace and quiet...

    There's always hope!
  8. sues1

    sues1 New Member

    Thanks to everyone for the good out loud laughs...funny....
    but Gosh they are true!
  9. mary124

    mary124 New Member

    Between the answering machine and the call waiting if i don't know who it is, I don't answer the phone. (I'm trying to get my youngest to do the same thing- but he has a girl friend who calls over all the time and she said she doesn't like to leave a message on the machine. I told him to tell her that if she just "breathes and doesn't leave a message then the phone doesn't get picked up at least by me or my husband!!" As to the door, we live out in the country so if we are not expecting anyone than I don't answer it, besides, my dogs usually barks and I'll look out the blinds and if I don't reconize them I just don't answer the door.
  10. Bruinz

    Bruinz New Member

    Thanks for the replys, some very good advice.

    I hope you all have a pain free weekend.


  11. Redwillow

    Redwillow New Member


    You need to live in the woods like me!

    Trust me door to door salespeople don't go when there are few people around. Not enough business to make it worth their while.

    I do have the occasion person wanting to sell their religion, about twice a year they make the attempt again.

    I haven't got call display yet to discourage the telemarketers but am definitely considering the monthly cost.

    Now if I could just figure out how to stop the relatives from coming to the door and phoning I would be able to crash in peace!

    hugs Redwillow
  12. abcanada

    abcanada New Member

    I'm liking that idea!!! I love nature too, and before I got sick we used to go camping, fishing, hunting, ice fishing just about every weekend. Funny though, my inlaws moved out to the woods 2 hours from the city 6 years ago and they still get solicitors of kids bugging them! Maybe I'll look into managing a fire tower in the rocky mountains, HAHA.
    Redwillow, I agree family can be the WORST. Mine is so caring & understanding, but my inlaws think I'm a good actor! They can't figure out how someone so young can be so sick, and that I brought it all on myself by having 4 kids????! I now truely believe that NO ONE understands a situation until they've walked a mile or 100 in that person's shoes. Take care all,Laura
  13. Bruinz

    Bruinz New Member

    I could just see myself chasing a salesperson down the
    front walk waving a FM/CFS info brochure at them. The
    only problem would be is if I caught them, I am not sure
    where I would stick it. lol

    I guess the placement of the brochure is important in
    getting the salesperson to remembering the info. If it
    was placed properly their doctor would also be trained
    in FM/CFS from the brochure when they removed it. lol

    Your a real hoot

    Thanks, hoping you have a pain free day.

  14. Bruinz

    Bruinz New Member

    I think a bear should live in the woods. I just might
    take you up on your suggestion.

    Don't shoot if you see a bear in your distant neighbors
    house. Esp if it has a straw frozzen to it's nose.

    Call display is definitely worth the cost along with
    deny a call for the real obnoxious relatives. lol

    Worse yet is if you have relatives that are the ones
    selling their religion at your door.

    Gentle bear hugs

  15. Bruinz

    Bruinz New Member

    Since you have disconnected your door bell do you still
    get door knockers.

    I was thinking of installing a moat. lol


  16. Bruinz

    Bruinz New Member

    I got a mean old shep that is biting at the glass and that
    doesn't seem to stop them.

    I am going to install a moat.


  17. kriket

    kriket New Member

    I had to put a sign on my door that said "If the porch light is still on, don't knock on the door or ring the door bell." it actually worked pretty well for me. I live in the country though, it might not work in the city.

  18. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    WARNING: "Resident Gorilla eats every third salesper-
    son. The second one just left"!

  19. kriket

    kriket New Member

    I like that one.

  20. Redwillow

    Redwillow New Member

    Mrdad can I borrow your gorilla?

    Bruinz honestly I think a moat sounds like a wonderful idea. I have often dreamed of buying property somewhere that the only way people can visit is by invitation only. An island with a moat and no boat service available works for me! Ooops sorry the boat sunk!

    Yesterday I told my rheumy that people stress me out! she suggested I was depressed and should talk to my doctor about taking an anti depressant. My husband said he didn't think it was fair that I should have to take medication because my family doesn't understand my limitations and they stress me out! He has a good point.

    So when you get done making a moat can you make me one next?

    hugs Redwillow