Dopamine anyone?

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  1. jennbug

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    Has anyone here tried Dopamine to treat FM? Marapex, Ropinirol, Sinemet. I have been on Sinemet for about 2years and it has made such a huge difference in my life 80% pain free. Anyone else?
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    I use DL-Phenylalanine, an Amino Acid, to boost Dopamine.
    It is my only regular pain control med. Also helps with controlling tremors and daytime drowsyness. Great stuff, available at any health food store, for under $10.
  3. jennbug

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    I believe I have been blessed with a Dr. how believes in me and is willing to offer better than average treatment.I take an "off label" medication for Parkinsons. Sleep has improved pain as I have said is 80%. Thank you for the bump and related discussion. jenn
    ps Iam on sinemet 300mg in evening 200mg in morning . [This Message was Edited on 09/27/2006]
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    Dopamine is a naturally-occuring Neurotransmitter in your brain/nervous system.

    A way to make more Dopamine in your brain, is to increase your intake of the amino acids that your brain converts to Dopamine.

    Amino Acids such as Phenylalanine, as elliespad suggested, and Tyrosine are the nutrients that your brain/nervous system uses to make Dopamine.

    Pharmaceutical drugs like Sinemet and Mirapex act by making your brain use its Dopamine more efficiently.

    It is not recommended to use pharmaceutical drugs and amino acids together.

    Choose one or the other - not both.

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  5. homesheba

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    on 3 mirapex a day at 1 mg ...
    i can only take one so far anf it wipes me out!!!
    i think 3 a day will kill me...
    is anyone here taking 3 a day???
  6. alaska3355

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    I take Mirapex just for RLS, but if I took 3 full mg. a day, I would be wiped out too! I take .5 mg. at 1:00 p.m. and 1 full mg. at 8:00 p.m. It makes me very sleepy. Maybe you could get by on less?
  7. Cakedec

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    What are the dosages of DL-phenylalanine and tyrosine to treat FM? Also, does it work over time or right away?

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    thaks for that tip..on the herbal dopamine...

    i have a new naturopathic pharmacy and a regular pharmacy in one...down the road that had opened up...

    i'll check it out

  9. elliespad

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    Is not an herbal remedy and is not dopamine. It is an Amino Acid that your body needs/uses, to make it's own Dopamine, as well as other neurotransmitters.

    DL- Phenylalanine blocks the enzymes responsible for the breakdown of endorphins and enkephlins. Endorphins and enkephlins are a group of substances within the body that helps relieve pain. Endorphins are actually far more powerful than the drug known as morphine

    DL-Phenylalanine acts as an appetite suppressant and mild stimulant.

    I take 1000 mg. sometime in the morning. Occassionally, I will take a second dose in early afternoon, but it is very rarely necessary. I would say you will see improvement the first day, and even better results over time. Don't take it late in afternoon or evening, as you may have trouble sleeping.

    Try it, it works great for me.
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  10. jennbug

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    Thank you all for responding I really think we are on to something here. I look forward to more research in this area. To take herbals, amino acids, "the shake" fish oils all are great . I value all that I learn from this site. Always check with your Dr. and Pharmacist before starting anything new, even diet and excercise. We must never assume what works well for one will be the answer for another. That said Iam so pleased with my progress on sinemet I wondered has anyone else had this experience? love jenn
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  11. NancyMystic

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    Cakedec, if you're still on those pharmaceutical drugs that you mention in your biography, then it would not be a good idea for you to experiment with amino acids that increase brain/nervous system Neurotransmitters.

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    B for response soon.

    (Sorry....otherwise I will lose these messages entirely.)
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  14. Slayadragon

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    I'm a big fan of DLPA (dl-phenylalynine) also. I take 2,000 mg. It probably should be split into two doses for maximum absorption, but I generally just take the whole amount in the morning, at least half an hour before having any protein.


    The following information is controversial. Please discuss with your doctor. If you don't understand anything in the following paragraphs, you have some catching up to do before trying this protocol.

    Another drug that helps with dopamine is deprenyl (also called selegeline). It's an older drug. It's an MAO-I, but of a different kind than the ones that have the bad reputation for causing hypertensive crises. Provided that you are on only a moderate dose of it, you can eat cheese and red wine with it, for example.

    Deprenyl was originally used for Parkinson's disease. Other drugs are used much more frequently for Parkinson's now.

    Small doses of deprenyl are supposed to mildly improve mood. They also are supposed to increase sexual interest. (Interest in sex is regulated to some extent by dopamine, in that dopamine is one of the key substances in our bodies that make us want anything.)

    The really controversial theory (I would assume this is controversial) is the potential use of using deprenyl for serious depression.

    Apparently in order to really help depression, you'd have to take a very large dose of deprenyl (and would risk a "cheese reaction"). However, some evidence suggests that a small amount of deprenyl mixed with some phenylalynine (probably dl-phenylalynine; maybe just l-phenylalynine would work) and a small amount of B6 can be extremely effective for refractory depression.

    I actually used this combination for a while (with my doctor's approval and after reading as much as I could find about all of these substances).

    This was when I was controlling my mild-ish bipolar with Depakote, an antidepressant that stabilizes moods but also depresses it. I thus was looking for something that would lift up my mood to compensate.

    I had previously tried about 10 "run-of-the-mill" antidepressants (including all the SSRI's and Wellbutrin) and had unacceptable side-effects with all of them.

    The Deprenyl/DLPA/B6 combination did work fairly well with no side effects for me.

    The only other antidepressant that worked for me with no side effects was Moclobomide, another atypical MAO-I (atypical meaning no "cheese effect"). It is made by Roche and sold in some countries by another name (I think starting with an "A".) Unfortunately, it is not available in the U.S. I read about it for years, then finally got a local doctor to prescribe it for me on a trip to the Netherlands. After I had a good experience, my psychopharmacologist at home wrote me prescriptions for it, which I sent to Canada to have filled by a pharmacy there and Fed Ex'd back to me. (This was legal, but I had one shipment confiscaated anyway, apparently because the package included a copy of my doctor's prescription on paper that said "Illegal if this is a copy". I didn't get the prescription back. Arguing with customs is hard.)

    This was before people started ordering all kinds of drugs from Canada. I don't know what the rules are about getting drugs from Canada now are.

    The MAO-I drugs work on a variety of neurotransmitters, especially dopamine. Wellbutrin according to one theory works on dopamine, but I'm not so sure.

    After I switched from Depakote to Lamictal, my need for antidepressants decreased substantially. (Depakote stabilizes and depresses moods, whereas Lamictal stabilizes and increases moods.) I thus stopped taking all antidepressants (except St. Johns' Wort and DLPA). Most of the time (if not this week) my mood is pretty good now.

    The book to start with if you want to learn about the potential of the deprenyl/phenylalynine/B6 combination is called "Better Sex Through Chemistry" by Mogenthaller and Joy. (This is about as bad a name as "Fatigued to Fantastic," I know.) There are some references to academic articles in the back.


    Again, that's a combination that is getting into the fringes of experimentation with pharmaceuticals. I'm not recommending it for others, just saying that it has some precedent.

    I've known a fair number of people who were helped significantly just by DLPA. 2,000 to 4,000 mg per day is probably the right amount. (Just 1,000 mg may give an effect in some people.) Be careful mixing it with pharmaceuticals, of course.
  15. Slayadragon

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    In theory, tyrosine should have the ability to help to create dopamine. There may be some anecdotal evidence to suggest that this is the case. To my knowledge, there haven't been any controlled studies that suggest that it does.

    There have been some controlled studies (albeit with small sample sizes) that suggest that DLPA is useful in treating bipolar. If this is the case, it seems likely that it working on some of the neurotransmitters, including possibly dopamine. I myself have found that DLPA has more of an effect than l-tyrosine, but there's always a chance with such things that other things (since CFS and bipolar go up and down randomly) are responsible for the apparent lack of effect of tyrosine.

    FYI, dl-phenylalynine (DLPA) is supposed to be useful in controlling pain. Its cousin l-phenylalynine is not generally thought to be useful with regard to pain control.
  16. Jasmine

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    I just started taking Mucuna, an ayurvedic herb that contains about 10% L-Dopa day before yesterday. So far I'm only taking half a pill before breakfast and I'll be slowly increasing to a full pill by the end of the week. Mucuna naturally increases dopamine and is used by Parkinson's patients. I have CFS/FM only and no parkinson's. I'll let you know if it works.

    Love, Jasmine
  17. Slayadragon

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    Is this an herb available through aryuvedic doctors? Or elsewhere also?
  18. Jasmine

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    I bought the Mucuna Pruriens vegetarian pill right off the internet for $11.95 Physician's Formula version.
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    Tagging for further research.


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    I worked up to a dose of 4.5mgs all at bedtime over one month. It has had an opposite side effect of causing me to wake up all night long. I want to give it 16 weeks trial at this dose that was identical to the trials for mirapex as a treatment of FMS. I have noticed a small decrease in pain after 6 wks. I am trying to use melatonin to get sleep back on track because lack of sleep causes FMS pain to worsen.
    Take care,