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    HI, just read your post on reflux, it seems everytime I am in a flare my stomach gets really bad and I do not know after a while if the pain originates in my upper back or vice versa, also when the pain is in my gut I get very tired, do you experience this? I experience all the symptoms that you mention, plus constant dry cough and raspy voice, plus terrible pain around my shoulder pain, wonder if maybe the back muscle pain is caused by reflux, also have hiatus hernia, could it be that the stomach is the trigger for the muscle tightening? it usually comes on if I have done a lot of cleaning and bending, then I go into an awful flare, the pain makes me dizzy , plus I have tremendous nausea, get tired and weepy then, do you experience this also? hope to hear from you....miche
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    Hi! I've been recently dx'd with GERD (reflux) and erosive esophagus. I also had pneumonia, bacterial on 4/6. I think the pneumonia was caused by my reflux.

    I'm now on Nexium, but it isn't working as well as I thought it would, but I have only been on it a week so far.

    The stomach can cause back pains and so can the reflux. I'm always tired, so I don't know if it has to do with the reflux or not.

    My main problem for reflux was after dinner, about an hour, then when I would go to bed I would get horrible chest pains most of the night.

    I also have had a dry cough in the middle of the night and sometimes a sore throat in the mornings. One doc said it was allergies, but apparently I've had reflux for years and didn't know it.

    Hope you will feel better. I have read it can take 4 to 8 weeks for me to feel better from the Nexium. If I don't progress like I think I should, I may ask to be put on Protonix. My insurance won't cover Prevacid. Previously I was on Pepcid AC and it didn't help me much at all.

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    Everything you have I have. Reflux is insidious, it can not only cause the burning which we all complain of but additionally the nausea and non-specific body pains (I've read that it can even cause jaw ache!).

    I usually end up with a flare of reflux and costo when I've been doing some physically repetetive task. Last Thursday I spent 4 hours assembling a chest of drawers and bookcase (lots of bending over and using a screwdriver). I didn';t suffer much the next day, but now a week later I am in the middle of a right old flare - burning stomach, fatigue, aching and burning ribs, reflux and niggling stabbing and darting pains. Most of it is soft tissue pain around the muscles and organs, but I think the added stress and physical discomfort due to the pain has exacerbated the reflux again. Seems to me like a chicken and egg situation - half the time I'm not sure which comes first the pain or the stress causing pain. It usually calms down after a few days but is extremely unpleasant while it is happening.

    This FM is a right pain in the a**e!!


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