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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by DVoit, Aug 4, 2008.

  1. DVoit

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    Hi everyone. I have a question. Lately I have been more depressed, weepy. I have been on effexor 150mg for a while. I am wondering if I need more. It helped for a long while. Tell me what dosage any of you are on. I am wondering what is a good dosage. Too much raises my blood pressure I do know that. Thanks for any help you can give me.
  2. elne

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    I would talk to your doctor about adjusting your medication. I been on Effexor CR for several years and started at 150mg. While it help at first, a year latter I was showing signs of depression enough for my doctor to up it to 225mg, which used to be the maximum dose allowed.

    Blood pressure must be monitored carefully, when taking Effexor and I been on blood pressure medication since about a year after I started taking it. It took me losing most of the weight I gain after I became ill, to get my Blood pressure down below 130.

    I used to have low BP for years, back before I became ill and weight just 111 lbs. I only got it up when I finally reach 125 lbs when I reach 35. I'm not sure how much being over 150 lbs and reaching my mid forties had to do with my BP, but am glad my doctor warn me to have it checked regularly.

  3. hermitlady

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    I've been on 75 mg for about 9 mos. I've tried to increase it per Dr's advice, but it makes me feel so sick that I have to stick to 75 mg along w 20 mg of Prozac.

    I'm a person who is very sensitive to meds tho, so I take baby doses most of the time. I've had to increase Prozac before after being on it for a long time. Just talk to your Dr, you might just need a little bump up on your dosage.

    Good luck.
  4. angelscutoo

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    I have been on 150 for several years. This week doctor increase to 150 in am and 75 in pm. Multiple health problems are causing me to be more depressed. Hope this works.
  5. cookie1960

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    Are you taking Effexor the original or EffexorXR? There is a big difference in the 2 meds. I take EffexorXR and take 150mg as you do. I was also in a "weepy" mood about a month ago and tried to bump up to 225mg under dr's supervision. Well...that didn't work. The increased dosage made me feel all jumpy and I had trouble sleeping.

    The strange thing is...after trying the 225mg, and realizing I couldn't handle it, I felt better on the 150mg - not as "weepy". I think we all go through our blue periods and immediately blame it on the meds or lack of meds. Just because we are on anti-deps doesn't mean we can't be sad once in a while! But it certainly can't hurt to try the bump and see if it works for you. The maximum dosage is supposedly 300mg.

    good luck,


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