Dose anyone elses Cat go nutz for

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by morningsonshine, Jan 29, 2007.

  1. morningsonshine

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    Bengay or other menthol rubs??? My kitty goes bonkers when i put this stuff on!

    He grabs my hand and licks it agressively, and he jumps right on up on my back and shoulder, were i rubbed it and starts licking my robe and purring like a maniac.

    Crazy Kitty, my other cat i use to have use to drool when i put it on, must act like some kind of catnip to them??

    The one day he was chasing me around the house when i had it on, like i was the mouse and he was the lion!LOL

    It's kinda amusing!
  2. elliespad

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    That IS pretty funny. Just did a search to see what was in it. You might not want to let kitty lick it. It says:

    Keep out of reach of children to avoid accidental ingestion. If swallowed, get medical help or contact a Poison Control Center immediately.

    Active Ingredients: Menthol (10%), Methyl Salicylate (15%). Inactive Ingredients: Carbomer 940, Cetyl Alcohol, DEA-Cetyl Phosphate, Glycerin Stearate SE, Isopropyl Palmitate, Purified Water, Stearic Acid, and Triethanolamine.

  3. Marta608

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    I suspect your cat thinks Ben Gay is another cat of the opposite sex. Very funny. I'll think I'll abstain.

  4. dononagin

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    I think it's the menthol..
    I'm a smoker ( I know.. shame on me) and my cat will attack my menthol cigerettes if I leave them down.

    I worry about her and the ben gay. Wouldn't ya think it would burn their little tongues? Mine goes nuts for it too!~
  5. morningsonshine

    morningsonshine New Member

    kitty can't really be getting much on his tongue, it's just the smell left on hand from rubbing it into my shoulder, it's already absorbed into the skin.

    He just acts so silly about that smell.

    It must be the menthol,
  6. Cromwell

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    I think he thinks it is catnip!!!

    It could be dangerous though as menthol is for cats. Also definately chocolate or anything with onions or onion powder in for dogs and cats.

    Two of my cats have suddenly got a liking for tea!!! I mean if we put our tea(with milk in and they don't like milk) down for a second, the cat is right in it and we have to throw it away. It is my tea they like as it is decaf, not Dan's.

    Anyone know if this is dangerous??? I asked my good vet and she laughed. Our dog that died a while back loved tea and chewing gum. Oh and oranges, she used to steal and orange, hold it downm and PEEL it!! Liked bananas too.

    Love Annie

    Love Annie Cromwell
  7. morningsonshine

    morningsonshine New Member


    I'll be sure to be careful about the menthol, won't let kitty lick my hand when it's on.

    I knew chocolate is bad for dogs, but onions?? Just the other night we had green onions. And some of the tops were left on the table. Both cats were up there eating them.

    I thought that was a funny thing for a cat to eat, but they are both fine.?

    I had a german shepard long time ago who loved chewing on the broccohli stock.

    Georgia, what's with the emory board?? Thats a weird one? I wonder if there's some kinda glue in them?

  8. Catseye

    Catseye Member

    When I first read it, I thought it was a little weird until I looked it up and started reading it EVERYWHERE. Here's just a sample quote from peteducation:

    "Garlic and onion belong to the plant species Allium. Garlic has been used by humans as a food flavoring, blood purifier, antibiotic, and antiparasitic drug.

    Both garlic and onion can be toxic to dogs, cats, and other animals. Cats appear to be more sensitive than dogs. In dogs and cats, onions and garlic can cause a breakdown of the red blood cells, resulting in Heinz body anemia. The bulbs, bulbets, flowers, and stems of the garlic and onion can all be toxic. There are some human baby foods that have onion in them, and it is not recommended to feed them to pets. The very small amounts of garlic that are present in some commercial pet foods have not been shown to cause any problems."

    I think an easy to remember people food that is safe and you don't have to worry about is meat. I was giving my cat avocado until I saw somewhere that wasn't good, either. Can't remember why, though.

    Mine have been eating chicken cooked in garlic and onion forever, but I just don't let them have any of the garlic or onion.

    better safe than sorry for our babies!

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  9. Ranigar

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    One is my adult son's but guess who takes care of her?My older cat has always liked fruit.I let her lick my apple core,plum or peach seed and if lettuce and tomatoes are left on the counter she'll lick the water off.She doesn't bother any other foods on the counter but those.I love cats.I've had dogs too but they are to much work for me now.
  10. Cromwell

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    Yes, so beware the flea cures using garlic. What happens is that the intestines stop being able to absorb nutrients so literally the animals end up eating like crazy and starving to death.. My brother for years shared homemade stews and burgers with his dogs and they both got this awful disease from this habit.

    So NO onions or garlic kids.....pass it on too.Definately NO choc.

    Love Annie