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    Hi Guys,
    I have been taking TF essentials from prohealth as recommended 2xday for 4 weeks. I am feeling alot better. What I am wanting to know is after a couple of months of regular use do you taper down to 1xday or every second day etc, wanting to know what most people have found effective for them. I think spacee you said she takes them on a mon/wed/fri type of schedule.
    I suppose Im feeling better and dont want to go backwards, and like everyone else Im not rich and having cfs is expensive, so tapering supplements down a bit without losing any effect would be good for the bank account.
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    From my perpective, you have to "play" with the stuff to find out how long your "help" lasts.

    I would take it 3 months straight to let it build up and do it's maximum. I believe there is an article in the library that supports that long of a time period.

    Then..give it a try with less and just pay attention to your will tell you.

    I agree with being good for the bank. I pay a lot for taking two different kinds but taking 1/2 a bottle a month does cut the price in half.

    Hope there are more replies!

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    Thanks for the quick reply, I have another months worth up my sleeve, so will order some more to get me through christmas and will do 3 months straight. I also think using the inosine as well has helped.