Dottie's Christmas Letter

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by rockgor, Dec 21, 2008.

  1. rockgor

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    Well, Folks, it's that time of year again. Must say it seems to come earlier and earlier every year.

    Aunt Montha used to say that, and mom would always say, "You Knucklehead, it comes the same time every year." You know, I sorta think they were both right.

    Anyway the news here is all good. The weather in Towanda has been swell. Ed hopes to replace the cardboard in the windows before the heavy snow starts.

    Speakin' of startin', the pickup wouldn't last week. Ed was able to hitch a ride on Petee's snowplow. Got to the Bigger Jigger in time for the 8 ball tournament.

    Ed come in second this year. Best he's ever done. Blue Tooth Johnson was first like he always does. Ed won a Friday Fish Fry dinner for two, so we are lookin' forward to that.

    He also got a red ribbon which I pinned to the velvet painting of Elvis as a bullfighter. It's the same color as his cape. So with the ribbon and the new floor, the living room is lookin' real cheerful.

    I just loved our old shag carpet, but it was time to go. Ed's boss give him a couple cartoons of left over tiles. Ed did all the work himself. I told him, "Ed, it's real pretty. Looks just like granma's crazy quilt".

    He had some left over tile so he did the step out front and the door on the shed behind the trailer. Real colorful.

    Wally and Wanda are doin' fine in school. They were in the Thanksgiving Pageant. One of those Gerklinger boys pushed Wally into the tepee. Wally picked up a stick from the bonfire and poked him in the stomach.

    Miss Peabody said it added some realism to the play because, after all, the Indians and Pilgrims did have disagreements sometimes.

    We are not doing too much for Christmas this year. I know Wanda will love the gift I'm making for her. She always liked clompin' around in my high heels, even when she was just a little tyke.

    I found some bottles of glitter at the Goodwill. One was almost full. So I'm gluing glitter to an old pair of pumps. Be like those ruby slippers only rainbow slippers. Be perfect for pep rallies and slumber parties and like that.

    I knit a sweater for Wally and mittens for Ed, just like I do every year. Well, I'd better go check on my pound cake. It's for Mrs Tordahl across the street. She doesn't bake as much as she used to. You remember her. Last time you were here she come by looking for her cat Reginald.

    I don't have any more stamps, so please pass this on to Maggie and tell her to send it to Bobby. I hope you have the bestest Christmas.

    Your big sis,

  2. fibromickster

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    Wow, that was one funny, crazy, heartwarming letter Rock. Sounds like it brought back a lot of ole memories for you.

    Thanks so much for sharing your letter with all of us here. Loved it and it definetly brought a smile to my face too.

  3. Rosiebud

    Rosiebud New Member

    very funny. I'd love some of her pound cake though.

    I hope you and Gordon have a lovely time.

  4. sisland

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    Rock!,,,,and Gordon too!,,,,Loved the Dottie letter!,,,sounds like some of the folks i grew up around!,,,,us rednecks are a unique bunch of folks!,,,,,,lolol,,,,,,sis
  5. ckball

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    That is too funny and so close to the truth here it ain't funny,lol. The only thing missing is a dog named Blue and duct tape to hold the broken tail light in on the pickup.

    Thanks for the laughs-Love Carla
  6. mysticbrit

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    Do you remember the Johnny Carson show when Cliff Arquette read his "letters from Mt. Idie"?

    That's what Dottie's letter reminded me of.

    Sending you and Gordon both zillions of Christmas Blessings and wishing you both a wonderful New Year.

  7. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Glad you enjoyed the Christmas letter. It's the only one I've ever written. (I couldn't write one about my current life since I have no energy and thus never do anything.)

    Carla and Cate, you would have made wonderful collaborators. Am reading a book of Broadway hits by George S. Kauffman. He always used collaborators: Edna Ferber, Moss
    Hart, Ring Lardner, etc.

    I didn't realize you knew Ed and Dottie too, Cate. I was wondering about the band-aid (Smurf flavor) on Ed's lip. I asked him, and he just mumbled something about a fishing accident. I figured Hot Dog Hodek had probably clipped him with the power auger again.

    Yes, Nancy, I remember Cliff Arquette (Charlie Weaver). I always thought he and Jonathan Winters seemed like they might belong to the same family. Nadolig Llawen. (You can tell by the double "L" that's Welsh.)

    Thanks for the holiday wishes, and thanks for including Gordon.