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  1. 2girls

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    Anyone double-jointed? I am having alot of joint pain lately and my hands do not seem to want to straighten out (kinda like claw fingers). Anyone have this problem?

  2. 2girls

    2girls New Member

    My doc says it is not arthritis so no pain meds. He did try me on Bextra but it did not help with the pain. Every now and then I take 2 tylenol. I do wish I had pain meds for the tough days though.

  3. MtnDews

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    2girls, you may want to read up on Elher's Danlos Syndrome. My rheumatologist came up with this diagnosis after seeing him for a year. Hypermoblity is a big part of it and many people with Fibro have this also. Ask your doctor, but don't be too surprised if he/she isn't up on it.
  4. 2girls

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    I have read a little on Elher's Danlos and it is quite possible. I am kind of in between docs right now - will see a new one in June and will mention this.

  5. Cara-Sue

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    i too am double-jointed.i used to have trouble with my thumbs being really painful.i had to end up getting a few sugeries on my left thumb becouse it felt really loose like the ligament was stretched.
    anyways i have had the left thumb fused,then i got the right thumb done.this was before i new i had fm so if i had of known that i had fm i wouldnt have had them done.i have both thumbs fused.which means that there is a peice of metal down the front of my thumd so that i cant bend them any more.
    it does help with the pain but i really wouldnt recommend it.
    before i had the surgeries wrist braces did help a great deal.i know one lady with fibro that wears he's all the can get them in any pharmacy ect.
    hope that helps you
  6. ephemera

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    Yes, there's lots of info on the internet on both, plus several messages on this site. Just do a search messages for either here.

    Many of us have been diagnosed with these problems.

    best thoughts to all.
  7. bejo

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    I don't have that problem with my hands,but I have always been double jointed.I can remember when I was in school I liked to scare the other kids with my elbows.They looked like the were broken when I put them straight. LOLOL (That wasn't nice,was it?)LOL bejo