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Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by NewOrleans, Aug 26, 2004.

  1. NewOrleans

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    I've been experiencing double vision for approximately 1 week. It seemed to coincidence with an allergic reaction in my left eye (a day after patch testing).

    Have you or know of anyone who has been successfully treated for double vision? I went to an ophthalmologist this morning. The doctor indicated my eye muscle is weak. He suspects a thyroid problem and sent me for lab tests.

    It wouldn't surprise me if this latest issue is linked to immune suppressant drugs I was on. I recently discontinued Enbrel due to worsening dry eyes among other problems. Last year, I had to stop Remicade because of a different side effect.
  2. lyndfritt

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    Several years ago I had double vision. 7 doctors and 14 months later I found out I had dermatomyositis. the dermatomyositis made my eye muscles weak. Months of high dose prednisone and vision is normal again.
  3. NewOrleans

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    Wow! dermatomyositis is a new one on me! Just researched it. Apparently, the disease can affect many other muscles in the body and cause a rash-like discoloration. Scary stuff. As it turns out, I have a discoloration on my legs. The diagnosis this year: livedo reticularis. Two year's ago, a different doctor diagnosed the problem as Schamberg's Purpura. Perhaps, there's a connection between the discoloration and double vision.

    Has dermatomyositis caused other problems for you besides double vision? Thanks much.
  4. Purrl

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    I'm new to the chat room and just read your messages re double vision. Are you still troubled by it? If so, I'd try to find the best neuro-ophthamologist you can find. I know an excellent one in Columbus, Ohio. It's amazing how many body systems she knows well enough to connect with my symptoms.

    I experience shadow vision when I read too long. Mainly it appears when I shift from reading to looking out at a distance. The book Running on Empty lists my type of double vision as a symptom reported by other CFIDS patients. My wonderful neuro ophthamologist doesn't have a solution for it, however, so I've just adjusted and learned to "deal."

    Hope things are going well for you.
  5. NewOrleans

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    Hi. I appreciate the offer, but will have to decline. I'm an Ohioan, but Columbus is too far and I've learned to live with my double vision much as your situation.

    Knock on wood; it doesn't occur when looking straight ahead. The double vision happens occasionally upon looking to the side. Lab tests and an MRI were negative.

    Thanks and Happy New Year.
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    hi new orleans,
    I have major problems with my eyes due to taking very strong & powerful meds.
    I was dx with sygren"s syndrome on 1st march 04 & i must admit my vision has gone a lot worse since then.
    I love reading but now due to being very very tired all the time plus the words of pages all blurring into one,its very difficult to read as you can imagine.
    I dont know if i have double vision but there you go.
    Im a newbie on this site & would like to mail new friends on here.
    So can you please mail me again & ask anyon e else you know to do same.
    Then i"ll make new friends mor easily.
    May god bless you