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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by msthang, Aug 30, 2005.

  1. msthang

    msthang New Member

    i am like on my last nevre here. i have cried so much in the past few days i think i could flood a small city. i am in so much pain its beyond me. i dont even feel like i am in my own body anymore. whats worse is i dont know what it is or whats going to happen. the anxiety is killing me. the appointment i have been waiting for for almost a month is on thursday. thank god. i am so pushing myself to just last these 2 more days. i feel so alone. though i know i am not and have used this website and the suporrt room so many times. and have found great support here. its just not the same as having the same at home. the only people i can talk to about how i feel are my co workers which there are only 2 and only 1 really cares and my mother. which i hate to tell her because she worries so much like a mother should. and i dare not tell eaither of my granparents which have recntly given me medical scares where i was ready to jump on a plane. i feel like whatever this is is totaly ruining my life. and my marriage. but not this one. i guess at times but not when it really matters. i guess i am just venting endlessly babbleing. just needed to get some things out. i need a granny hug so bad it overwhelming. well i guess i ahve cried pissed and moaned enough. i hope that all is well with everyone. and that all who read this will add, venting,crying,pissing,and moaning and also add kind words for others. i wish u all the best and for those of u who have gone thru this for years and still hold your head up i send u the ut most respect and applause. u are strong for being able to handle all of this for so long and not loose it. be blessed and thanks for listening.
  2. TheAurynn

    TheAurynn New Member

    I hope you know that no one minds when you talk about it when you are having a bad day. We all need to do it at one time or another. I am so sorry that your partner is not very compassionate, I hope that changes in time. I also hope you get the relief that you need when you go to this doc appointment. You are also very strong to be able to live with this DD! God bless you and may you feel better very very soon.

  3. Denamay

    Denamay New Member

    Here is big granny hug!!!
    From Denamay
  4. msthang

    msthang New Member

    thank you for the kind words and for being there. thanks hang i remember u too. i would also like to add that i am unsure of my illness. i dont know if it is fm,ra,oa,or lyme. honestly it feels like all. i have been diagnosed with posterior tibial tendon difunction,severe pronation,fallen areches, falling ankle bones, sciaticnerve, and tenchrinits bursitis. the pain started in my feet and has worked its way up. thanks again to u all. hugs hugs hugs
  5. ckk

    ckk New Member

    i am sending you a little "friendship" love from mr. heart! trying to make ya laugh......did it work? everyone is entitled to moan and groan about how they feel, especially how much pain that we all feel either at times or all the time! just a suggestion, do what i do with my husband to your partner, sit her down and say just for today, i really could use a lot of your support, and lots and lots of hugs! it works all the time. good luck and feel better.
    ps did the wrong smiley dude....ooops[This Message was Edited on 08/30/2005]
  6. msthang

    msthang New Member

    thanks so much.
    yes ck u di make me smile and i will try that with her.
    hang i have not seen a chirpractor yet but i willlook into it i think u are the person that told me to see s rheumy in the fm room one day which i will also look into. thank u all so much.
  7. Francey54

    Francey54 New Member

    Hi Msthang:

    Don't worry about ranting and raving, we all do it here, that's what we are here for to help one another. I am so sorry you are in so much physical and emotional pain. I too have the same and it is not easy to cope. We are not superhuman and need comfort from others.

    Hang in there friend, better days will be ahead.

    I send you many many big ((((((((GRANNY HUGS)))))))))))

    God Bless.
  8. Prunella

    Prunella New Member

    I also have fallen arches and one caused great pain. I went to a functional podiatrist (there are not many of them around). He showed me a stretch to do on slanted wooden blocks and custom made some shoe inserts for me. I can't imagine how much pain I would be in if I hadn't had his help. Problems with your feet can affect your whole body.

    I also see a chiropractor. He's the best one in the area. Actually, he's quite a drive for me, but worth it. He is so gentle, it is more like accupressure and massage. Ask around and see who is good in your area. My hairdresser told me about him.
  9. PVLady

    PVLady New Member

    Please have faith things will get better. I was very sick myself two years ago and today I am much better.

    Not everyone may agree - but even my doctor who treats many fibro patients agreed that for me MS Contin was the perfect med. It completely took all the pain away and enabled me to become active again. I took it for nine months.

    Unfortunately, I could not tolerate the side effects of the MS Contin - severe constipation etc. and had to stop it.

    After stopping it - I switched to another opiate which is much less strong - and I am doing fine with Tylenol as a back up.

    If your problem is terrible pain, I suggest you ask to try the long acting morphine at the lowest does of 10 or 15 MG - it is MS Contin - you take one tablet every 12 hours.

    If this med does not work for you, you can always taper off and try something else. For someone is so much pain, don't be afraid to try a opiate.

    The quality of your life is important.
  10. Jodi_B

    Jodi_B New Member

    Msthang -- saying "I feel your pain" seems so empty and of no help. But you, in the midst of your terrible flare up, took the time to respond to my marriage problem woes and here you are in your own crisis.

    You're right, this forum helps alot, but it's not the same as sitting down face to face with someone who truly understands and can give you a hug.

    Your flare up (if that's what's going on) will pass. It's so !#$@ ironic, isn't it, that stress makes flares that much worse and when one doesn't have the significant other support at the time makes the stress that much worse!

    I've come to the conculsion that nobody can truly understand FMS unless he or she has it. So, the best we can do is to concentrate on taking care of ourselves. You know, something Dr. Phil just came to mind that I think applies to all of us with FMS: To a young mother who was super-stressed and run ragged and getting very little support or help from her DH, he said, "The best thing you can do for your children is to take care of their mother." He went on to say that she needed down time for herself, a long bubble bath, etc.

    So, the best thing you can do for your partner -- and mostly for yourself -- is to take that long hot bath (actually, I've found it does temporarily help with pain flares), hop on the couch, listen to that soothing music and tell yourself: "I've gotta take care of ME or I'm not any good to anybody else."

    Hang in there -- and lots of HUGS to you.

  11. Jodi_B

    Jodi_B New Member

    Msthang, I just went back and looked at your profile.

    CNA's are some of the hardest working people I know and give so much to their patients (this from a retired R. N., so I truly know what I'm talking about). So, another good reason to take good care of yourself: you're doing a much-needed thing, that is, taking care of others. So, it's just time to kick back and take care of yourself for once!

    Also, I see that you live in upstate NY. I have a brother who lives in Saugerties. Are you anywhere near there??

  12. greatgran

    greatgran Member

    I wish I had some answers but since I am a greatgranny I can send you a HUG!!!

    Try to hang on your appointment is not that far off and I feel sure you will find some answeres and relief...

    I just posted a topic before I read yours
    about never having a good day...It gets so discouraging....

    Please keep us posted on how your appt. goes..

  13. msthang

    msthang New Member

    i just want to say thanks to all of u who took the time out. i have been having a semi better day today and reading all this made it even better. i dont know what to say. and that is rare!thank u so much for all the hugs they really do mean alot. thanks again. be blessed and hugs back to ya.
  14. msthang

    msthang New Member

    i do remember replying to your post and so glad u found mine. i am very close to saugerties i used to work there. i live in kingston on a few minutes away.
  15. heartinheaven

    heartinheaven New Member

    and more hugs.

    Blessings to you,

    H Michael
  16. chopindog

    chopindog New Member

    But I will give you a 28 year old with no child hug ((((((((HUG)))))))). I too am having a very hard time emotionally and physically this last month. Sometimes I feel like I am going crazy. I have always been such a strong person, and lately I just haven't been. But you know what I think? You, I and everyone else with this DD has a right to feel emotionally over whelmed now and then. When the DD is flaring it is so hard to do anything but think about it. Before we became sick with this, when we had the flu. society and family and friends understood that when you have the flu it is a misrable experience, because most everybody has had it. Well many of us deal with having the flu everyday! I hope you feel better soon! Hang in there!
    By the way, What is a granny hug? It sounds very nice![This Message was Edited on 08/31/2005]
  17. msthang

    msthang New Member

    a granny hug is a great big ol hug. that grannys give the best!
  18. BxGirl

    BxGirl New Member

    I wish you all the luck with your doctor appointment. Believe me, we've all been there. You'll feel better soon. If you can, try some stress-reducing exercises. The more you stress about feeling bad, the worse you will feel.

    Can you sit quietly and do some gentle deep-breathing? Also, some light (very light) stretches would help too. And take a hot bath. Put some epsom salt and organic apple juice in the tub - that will help too.

    These are just some quick and easy things you can do to try to feel better!

  19. Tigger57

    Tigger57 New Member

    There are days that I've felt like you do. Sometimes I wonder if it's worth going on with the suffering. Each time I start thinking that way I either get an e-mail from some one who understands, or my cats and dogs won't leave my side and even my brother (who can be very clueless) manages to say the right thing.

    Caring for someone is caring for someone, no matter how you look at it. but do have some close friends that are.

    Isn't it odd that when we feel so rotten we want what comforted us when we were children... granny's hug, Mom's hug,.... in my case bit pain in the big butt brother's hug. I think we now only feel that we need the hug, but the comfort as well.

    Be good to yourself. That is one of the most important things we need to learn to do.

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