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  1. joysarah

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    I was wondering if anyone else here has or was on Doxepin. It is an antidepressant, one of the old ones. The Dr gave it to me for sleep and I can't tell u how much it has helped. I mean I am not ready to go back to work but I haven't been able to do the things I can do now in over 2 yrs. They say it helps with chronic pain and it really causes u to sleep well. I would love to hear some feed back. I take it at bedtime, 50mg 1 or 2 as needed. I don't know how long it will last but I thank God for everyday.
    God Bless u all Joy
  2. Slayadragon

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    I have some in liquid form. I think 1 teaspoon would equal a regular dose.

    It's sometimes recommended that Klonopin (a tranquilizer) be used in combination with Doxepin for sleep. The Klonopin wears off within about 6 hours, and so a few drops of the Doxepin is added to help with sleep.

    I've never managed to get the dose right---either I take too much and have a hangover the next morning (lasting for hours) or I take too little and don't get the full night's sleep.

    It certainly does cause sleep, although I wouldn't say it's good quality sleep. I can't imagine how sleepy I would be if I took a regular dose of it.

    I've finally given up and started (for now) just using the Klonopin. If I wake up too early (rarely happens), I take a Xanax to tide me over for another few hours.

    I've not heard of anyone else here using Doxepin on its own, but perhaps someone else has experience.
  3. Scapper

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    Joy -- I think it's great that it's working.....go with it!

    We are all so different, therefore react so differently as well.

    Doxepin did not help w/ my insomnia. I also gained a lot of weight, very quickly, on it. I'm sure if it helped me as much as it has helped you, I'd still be on it.

    Enjoy :)
  4. maedaze

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    I hope i get the same response from you on it, joysarah. My doctor wants to start me on it next month. We just had to get my migraines under control first.

    I look forward to trying it now.. Thanx :eek:)
  5. elliespad

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    I've used Doxepin for at least 10 years, for sleep. I was up to 125 mg. about 5 years ago. I was also on about 15 other meds and decided myself to get off as many as I could. I had started taking L-Tryptophan (an amino acid)for sleep and gradually weaned down to 10 mg. of Doxepin and have stayed with that for past 5 years ago. The only other drug I stayed with was the Tenormin for Tackycardia, but did reduce the dose.

    The weight I gained while on Doxepin is enormous! I never related it to the Doxepin but looking back, and from other comments, I would bet that it what did it. And,,,the weight did not come off after reducing the dosage, grrr.
  6. Sandyz

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    I took it too and it worked so well for me. I could sleep and had alot less pain. I had to go off it though because of all the weight gain. Please watch out for that.
  7. joysarah

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    for all ur replys. I have been really blessed so far and I have also lost 10 pounds. of course I have left my alcholic husband and I have a cool new friend!!So I think that alone has helped. After 35yrs of it I knew I was due for a change. I am getting to old to fast to not get some happiness out of this life. I finally said it was my turn and my kids and all would just have to deal with it. They r all grown. So if ur not happy in that way try something or I should say someone that will make u happy. I feel I have really been blessed. He is younger than me too so THINGS R REALLY GOOD!!!
    Just wanted to share. u all take care Joy
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    I was on this for a couple of years. I was taking 10mg and I was doing ok on it. Then I had to add in a betablocker and another med for arrythmia and the Doxepin combined with these, made it so I couldn't wake up.

    The Dr. told me, he liked Doxepin better than Amitriptlyne(sp) because it was non-addictive.

    Glad that it is helping you.
  9. Mikie

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    It made me very jumpy and anxious. Dr. Cheney recommends it with the Klonopin. Since the Klonopin worked so well, I was hoping the Doxepin would too. Like we always say, what works for one doesn't necessarily work for another. I'm glad it is helping you.

    Love, Mikie
  10. mezombie

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    I've been taking Klonopin and Doxepin at bedtime for, oh, 15 years or so. I only take 20 mg. It really helps me get a good night's sleep. I tried to wean myself of it, because I wanted to see if the Klonopin alone would do the trick, but I really seem to need the Doxepin.

    It's been a lifesaver for me. I had horrible insomnia before.

    I also took 10 mg of Flexeril for five years. It works well with the Sinequan for FMS. I noticed it really helped with the pain. And, after five years, I was pretty much pain free!

    I hope it helps you, as well.