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    I had a doctor tell me I could take Doxepin for a short time with no problem. No, no, no...I took it as prescribed and went off it cold turkey after a month. I had what seemed to me as severe withdrawal symptoms. My sister ended up taking me to the emergency room. I won't swear by it but I felt like I was going through withdrawal although it only lasted about 6 hours.
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    You have just learned an important lesson. NEVER trust a doctor when it comes to drug information. They get all their info from drug salesmen who only tell them the good things. They also have very little time to keep up with any info about drug problems.
    From now on, call your Pharmacist. They are the drug experts, and unlike Docs, they are usually pleased to be asked and eager to help you.
    I almost died because I believed a doctor who told me I could go off Xanax in 3 days. I almost died again because I believed another doctor who told me I could quit Darvocet cold-turkey. I almost died again because I let a doctor convince me that the symptoms I was having from a drug he put me on for high blood pressure were not from the drug, but from my heart,and that I needed more medicine, not less. But, it really was a reaction to the drug, just like I thought.
    Please don't be as dumb as I was. I had to re-learn this lesson over and over before I finally realized I should always go to the Pharmacist, not the doctor.