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    I have used doxepin in the past for sleep, initially it worked well, for many months, but now it only works at 50mg dose once in a blue fit. I havent used more then 50mg, has anyone used higher doses of doxepin for sleep, higher doses going to be more sedating? Im going to trial 100mg tonight and see how it go's.

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    I used Doxepin for sleep for MANY years. Started at a low dose and over time went up to 125 mg. I also used Flexeril with it. Slept pretty well. Slept well but that never translated into functioning well. Still, sleep in GOOD. Had a lot of morning grogginess, but, the worst was the MASSIVE weight gain.

    I was on about 14 drugs back then. When I learned how harmful those drugs were to my liver and kidneys I made it my mission to get off them. I learned how to use supplements to do what drugs used to do, and gradually became the supplement queen.

    I can use supplements to help most any symptoms I have with exception of the weakness. I can't come up with any significant help for that. But sleep? I can help you with that if you want.

    For sleep, I use, L-Tryptophan 1500 mg, along with P5P (Acitivated B6), GABA 1500 mg. , Melatonin 4.5 mg. For YEARS, after getting off Doxepin and Flexeril for sleep, I used just L-Tryptophan and B6, and it worked perfectly. Then I had my thyroid out '07 and everything went to hell. Hope you find something to help you sleep better.
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    took 100mg doxepin about 3 hours ago, i feel groogy but not enough to turn the switch off, if u know what i mean, so adding some valium to it now so i can get some good sleep. If i remember rightly in the past i think after the initial use with doxepin i needed something to get me off to sleep and the doxepin kept me there and deepened my sleep.

    Aussie u do like looking up the technical stuff, thats good. From what i can remember about doxepin, it gets its sedative actions from blocking histamine receptors as well as 5htp2a receptors, i think this then lowers cortisol levels which can also help with sleep.

    Elliespad i havent used tryptophan yet but have used 5htp which didnt help me with sleep but did pick up my mood. Have u found a difference between the 2 ?
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    ordinary night last night with the doxepin. I have some mirtazipine i might throw that in tonight. Im starting to ache all over from this crappy sleep pattern. I must be having some sort of ebv reactivation, just have to try and ride this thing out, hope it ends soon.

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    5HTP is supposed to help more with mood issues, less with sleep. I don't have any issues with mood or depression but have MAJOR issues with sleep. L-Tryptophan works best if taken with Vit B-6 (I have to use P5P, an activated form of B6) and a small amount of carbohydrate to help the conversion to Serotonin take place in the brain. Otherwise, most conversion would take place in the intestines.

    It has never caused me to feel drowsy or sedated. I say it LETS me fall asleep, rather than MAKES me go to sleep. If I wanted to stay up and read or drive all night, I could. Now, I will tell you that since my thyroidectomy, sleep has been even more difficult for me. I have added to my arsenal in the last couple years, using GABA, Melatonin as well. Phosphadidtyl Serine can help lower nighttime Cortisol levels and help you sleep. It helped me a lot, that one MADE me sleep, but I was getting frequent ocular migraines, which I finally linked to the PS. So that is out for me.

    In the last couple weeks, my sleep has improved a LOT. I am SEVERELY Lactose Intollerant and use Lactaid Chewables, 1-5 times a day. Well, I recently read the ingredients and saw that they contain SUCRALOSE, the EVIL artificial sweetner in SPLENDA. Artificial Sweetners are neurotoxic and cause the neurons in the brain to rapid fire, which results in death of the neurons. I try to avoid ALL artificial sweetners, but this one eluded me. I threw my entire box out and have been getting much longer sleep ever since. Used to get 2 or 3 hours a night, can now sleep, wake to pee, and go back to sleep, for a total of 5 -7 hours, amazing.
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    Seems like more than a few have hit a sleep crisis. Mikie posted on ChitChat that she
    had had to up her klonopin from 1 to 1.5. I have had to do that too. THEN have
    .25 of xanax I can take when I wake up in the middle of the night...sometimes
    break it in half.

    I have tried GABA, 5HTP, Same but couldn't take them because of a pain problem
    I have not related to CFS.

    THEN, I got a bit of ritalin to take a half of the lowest dose to avoid daytime

    Finally after a number of months of trial and error, i am feeling much improved
    in the sleep department.

    Just my 2 cents.