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    i posted on your post about how's everything going? i am getting metally stronger the crying is getting better..

    and i am gonna plan to go tothe ymca and start my execise and weightlifiting again...not because fo the ex but for myself...i used to be a very avid wweighter...great body wished i had it now...but i can get it back now..

    i am on new meds so hopefully i will keep lsoig some i started slimfast shakes and watching what i eat so that is helping now...

    i need to get out of my house and meet some new people and feel good about myself again...

    also i am going to check into the ticket to work progam and see if they can help w/real estate license or i will just do it myself....and i need to renew my notoary commsission my the end of march anyways...theni want to p/i another class called notory signing agent...gets more referrals....

    well i have a few goals i just need a little help with them...

    did you get your phone called returned yet....?

    you sometime we should exchange phone numbers and who knows maybe we could visit eachother or do a house exchange for vacations...could be fun sometime...

    for your friend,


  2. 69mach1

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