Doxycyclin, supplements, meds and very upset stomach

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by hopeful4, Oct 27, 2005.

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    I got very sick today with an upset stomach that had me in tears. I've been taking many supplements prescribed by ND and FFC for quite some time, and even though I don't like taking them, most of the time I'm able to take them without an upset.

    About 1 week ago started on Doxycyclin (for mycoplasma), Nystatin (for candida), Jarrow-dophilus, and Artimisin. Oh, and also Provigil to help with daytime fatigue. I think these are a lot of new things to be on at once. I've used the Jarrowdophilus before, and that seems to be fine.

    My day starts with T3 on an empty stomach. That's fine, no problem. 1/2 hr. later I tried to take all the stuff I need to take on an empty stomach like Enzyme RX, NK Stim, Jarrowdophilus, and Artimisin. That did not feel so great, so I went ahead with my food, a daily whey protein shake, rice cake and almond butter. By now I'm totally stuffed and have not yet taken my regular supplements.

    So I just took my prescription meds: Tamoxifen (for breast cancer), Nystatin, and Provigil. Are you with me folks? Sorry for all the details, I just don't want to go through this upset again.

    Then I normally take the Doxy at around 10 a.m. with food, because normally I've taken some supplements and food with calcium at breakfast. Today I waited til 10:30 because my stomach felt so full. So I took the Doxy with some baked yams/apples. Felt OK until a very severe upset stomach hit me and I just cried until it passed. I'm not a baby, been through a lot just like everyone here.

    Tried calling the Dr. but she's out of town and I guess I didn't assert what my problem was. This just threw off my whole day, it took me all day to recuperate and now I'm concerned about eating and taking meds tonight. I'm just eating easy foods, like soup, oatmeal.

    Now, up until today it's been OK taking the Doxy with something like a rye cracker with tahini on it, or an apple.

    Can anyone offer me some suggestions or help?

    Thanks so much.

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    It seemed to help at first, then even low doses caused problems with my GI tract including dreadful diarrhea. The only way I could continue taking just 50mgs of doxy (for chronic middle ear infection) was to take 4 caps of Primal Defence; even so I was pleased to finish with the doxy.

    My LLMD will not Rx doxy, and is aware some other specific ABx might also be equally problematic for me.

    love, Tansy
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    Thank you Tansy for reading through my annoying post. I know that you seem to have many more sensitivities than I do.

    If so many people have a problem taking Doxy, I wonder why it is prescribed...I'm feeling a bit like a guinea pig!

    Well, the good news is that the office manager at the FFC did get back to me just now. I've been on the Doxy about a week, and she said that some people build up a sensitivity to it, and that I should just stop taking it right now.

    When the Dr. gets back on Monday she'll fax an RX for ZPAC or Zipromax, and that most people do well on that. Now I've got something new to research, I have not heard of this one. I've been so out of the loop on prescription meds because I've fought taking them most of my adult life. However, if they can help me get well, the least I can do is be informed.

    Best wishes always,
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    Thanks for your support, Jeenie. I hope you continue to do well on the doxy.

    I just went in yesterday for an Igenex test on the Lymes. The Quest test did not show Lyme, and Dr. Marti would like something more definitive on it. If I have Lymes, I think I'll be totally shocked, but will at least have something to work on, and some answers to why I'm still not so well.

    I will check on your update post, too. When did you start going to the Atlanta FFC?

    Take good care,
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    Is it for mycoplasma or Lyme? One thing the FFC's don't seem to have embraced is transfer factors. There is one for mycoplasmas sold by ProHealth on its website for physicians. Only medical professionals can order it. Transfactor Factor C targets Lyme and is sold here.

    There are other ABX for mycoplasmas, including Azithromax, Minocin, and Cipro (I think Cipro should be a last resort).

    I took Doxycycline for 2 1/2 years without problems as I had been taking probiotics for years. I take the Jarro-Dophilus. Sometimes, one has to adjust the amount and timing of the dose of the probiotic to get maximum results.

    Eating cooked apples will give me an instant stomachache and diarrhea. Consider that it may have been what you ate with the Doxy.

    Good luck to you with this.

    Love, Mikie
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    About Doxy:
    I find I must take a little food before and after I take it—in other words, space it almost perfectly in the middle of my meal. I am curious about the dairy thing? No one told me I could not have dairy when I take the doxy…just not any supplements containing calcium or iron. Plus, I eat goat cheese which has less calcium…do I need to avoid this as well?
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    Dear Friends,
    Although I'm super brain foggy I'll give it a try to write back.

    Thank you for asking about my Lyme test. I got the results this week and am staggered and shocked to learn that, yes, I do have Lyme Disease! On the one hand, I shouldn't be shocked because so many of us on this board eventually test positive. On the other hand I'm flabbergasted that finding it has taken so long and so many years of my life! Well, we could all say that.

    I have an appointment on Monday at the Seattle FFC for Dr. M. to go over my lab results more specifically, and explain the treatment. I'm so thankful that I will have important information from this board to prepare me with knowledge and questions.

    I'm also so thankful that this was found, and I do truly wonder how much of Lyme Disease started me in a downward spiral. I'm thankful that it is treatable, and at the same time, I'm developing a lot of anxiety about going through the treatment. To be honest, I'm just so very worn down with the fight.

    Thank you for asking about the doxy. It was prescribed for the mycoplasma. Does the Transfer Factor help with treating the mycoplasma? I can always talk to my Dr. about it.

    After stopping the doxy I was prescribed Zithromax. My insurance would only allow 4 tablets! That won't do much. If I want further tablets they will cost $18 each! I asked FFC if I should appeal the insurance decision, but they said no, they will try something else. I will find out more about that at my Monday appointment.

    Could you say why Cipro is a last resort? This is all new to me.

    I see what you're saying about being aware of how, when and with what you take the doxy. It was definately an off day, which I explained to FFC, but they just said to stop taking it.

    I think what you're saying is right, no supplements with calcium with the doxy, it interferes with the action of the doxy. I have not heard anything about foods with calcium.

    Thank you all for your support, info, and ideas!