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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by bandmom90, Jul 9, 2007.

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    Please read last post from me on "everyones finances"

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    thank you for your heartfelt concern....and for taking so much time from your day to try to help me to feel better..................I guess it is apparent how distraught Iam at this point in my life...........

    your words have touched me...and mean the world to me.....Iam more depressed than I have been in years.....and Iam worried about myself.......knowing that I have people like you who do care gives me some hope......thank you for being here for me............I will stay with you and keep you updated.....

    tonight is not a good night for me.....and I can't be completly honest with you at this point.....because I do not want to get in trouble on the board.....but Iam aware of help hotlines and may have to use one shortly .......

    PLEASE keep me in your prayers ( I hate to even ask for this but I know Iam weak and can't do this alone right now )

    thank you for having the heart you do, for opening up to me like you have and mostly for caring about me.....

    with love
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    Sorry I did not read your reply until tonight. I worked a 10 hour day on tuesday. After that kind of day I"m usually done for the night when I get home.

    Well I hope you are better.I know that it is not something that happens over night. So when I say I hope your better It means that if you've made it through another day than nothing can be better than that at this point. Ok did that make sense:)?

    Sometimes what is in my head doesn't come out right.

    You are in my thoughts and prayers daily. Just remember we are all here to help. Some times we are the giver and other times the reciever. Take care of yourself and let me know how you are. I truly am hear for you.

    Bunches of love and {{{{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}}}}}

    PS. There is something about that smiley face(or would that be a smiley behind)that cracks me up:)
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    Thank you for your post to Doxy.

    I'm in that black hole right now myself. I feel like someone has put me in a box and shaken me up.

    God Bless you both

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    I have been in and out of that black box a lot lately myself......today was just awful....dd is taking me down with a vengance.....and then everything else on top of it.......

    I want to say that if you need me.......please feel free to post to me and I will be here for you....I would not get through half the things I do if it weren't for my "family" here on this board.......

    Iam here for you Morning and so is everyone else....just keep posting ........it helps to let others help you through it.......please let me know if there is anything I can do to help you!;)

    You are not alone!

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    When i get like this i have a hard time posting and sharing. You know, it started to lift some yesterday, after prayer and going to church.

    And that evening, me and hubby had a huge blow out. I don't know how to fix it, and my kids were/are really upset.

    The funny part is we love each other, but can't seem to get along, not a very good witness in that area. And of course being ill and down doesn't help any. I didn't sleep at all last night.

    I hope you and your hubby are sticking together.

    Thanks for the post.