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    what stste r u in that parvo is spreading so fast.
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    WE live in Southern California...........the vets are flooded with cases of parvo right now!

    and I know that everyone is probably getting tired of hearing this but if you or anyone you know has a pet(s) and it/ they gets parvo PLEASE get parvaid...........

    Iam in a state of "AW" at how much this stuff is a miracle....and you won't be shocked Iam sure to know that vets don't necessarily want to tell you about this or for you to know about it .....

    because as the lady at the feed supply store ( where we purchased outs ) told us parvo is BIG money for vets!

    Sadly there are numerous vets up here where we live that care only about money and not really helping the pets!

    parvaid is sons vet bill so far for the puppy we took in is over 1000.00 already! You can do the math!

    I could open that can of worms but I really just want to let you know if you live in southern CA be careful!

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