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    Just want you to know that I will be praying for your new grandbaby Gabrial,and for all of your family. Jeanne..... p.s. I've been trying to post this reply on your post, however, it kept dissappearing...don't know what that's all about. God Bless you and yours....
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    for the prayers. He's home. He'll go in for some more testing, heart, ears, and there isn't much they can do about the fingers. He just has pointed littel fingers, some without nails, but at least he has most of the finger on each one that is affected. Three on the left, and two on the right are not normal. That baby, is...adorable! I know what you all are thinking..yeah, she's a grandma. But he really is beautiful. Lots of dark brown hair, his hearing might not be normal, but he has perfect, cute little ears, his nose, his eyes.... :) Our daughter and son in law were surrounded by family last night. I could tell it was good for our daughter.
    Thanks again everyone. Will keep you updated on his "progress."
    Love, Cynthia