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    I was thinking about you today....I wonder how your golden is doing? BTW...I am expecting a grandson in September!! That will have me with 3 grandsons and 1 grand-daughter:)

    So much is going on for you...I hope your Golden is doing well.

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    Thank you for thinking of me. I have been doing the holistic diet. Also supplements that I have been studing up on that work for cancer. I'm finding that the Omega one of the best. I need to work up a higher dose..needs to be done slowly.
    Also, Jam will find this interesting. I have now come across several sites that mention flax seed oil for the cancer, but I haven't seen anything on the grapeseed.
    I give him a lot more protien that he was getting. Ester C. And the Turmeric that Rainbow suggested. He's seems to be about the same, but I've only been doing this for about a week now. Not sure how soon I will see a difference..or if even. We shall see. Thank you again for asking. I love that dog!
    I know you lost your Golden, are you the one that got a dog, that got picked up by the pound, and it took a while to get him back? If not. Are you getting, or have you gotten another dog? I just can't imagine being without a Golden. That is going to be tough. But I do have my other two dogs, so we shall see. Hopefully, my guy will be with us for a while yet. Praying that he will!
    Love, Cynthia
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    We did adopt a dog from our local shelter, and yes, she was my runaway!! Her name is Cookie and she is a Husky Mix, we also have Toby a Poodle Mix.

    We miss MacKenzie so much but we know she is in a great place having fun romping and playing.

    Sounds like you have a good health program for your Goldie. I am happy that he is responding well.

    Oh, and I hope you are doing well! All that talk about our babies and I didn't ask how you were feeling.

    Blessing with you later.