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    Cynthia, How are you doing now? What is happening with the pain? I'm wondering if the injections helped. Have been praying for you so hard. Write back when you are able.

    Meanwhile keeping you in prayer. And so thankful for everyone else who is praying!

    You are such a very dear lady! With such a deep, beautiful faith.

    I know how hard the hard times are.

    Love, Wind

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    Aww, thanks Wind...I have been to many drs. by now. I haven't made this many visits in many years. Like I said before, I've been blessed not to have had to.

    I finally just stopped the injections, and the PT. They weren't doing any good any way, so I made an appt. with an Ortho. Finally! I got x-rayed. My shoulder, since it's really painful right now, and neck area. I just knew he was going to say that my torn cuff was acting up..and thought, oh boy, going to get a shot in my shoulder..that has helped in the past. He said that my shoulder looked fine, but I have a crushed my neck. Of course he wants a MRI.
    I shot? I probably had my pouty lip out, and he shook his head and said nope. I said, but it hurts really bad! He says, I believe you. :) Of course I know about pain that radiates. So, got on the net and really studied up on Herniated discs. There are stages. We will see where I'm at now, since I was told years ago I had one in my neck and also a bone spur. I opted out of surgery back then. Hoping they can come up with something other than surgery, since they are sending me to a dr. that can help me with some exercises to do. That will be after the MRI. Still waiting for the good ol ins. to say it's ok. I saw this Ortho last Wed.
    I can walk around better than I can sit! I have to lay on my side to get real right side. Ask me if I haven't had my pitty party yet? 3 weeks now, with no relief except for the laying down. I feel useless. Yes, they've given me drugs..won't touch it..well, takes the edge off, but makes me sleepy, and I'm down enough as it is!
    Ok, thanks for the shoulder you all.
    I love you all, and I know I am blessed to have you here, because that means, lots of prayers. One thing about being down more, I find myself talking with the Lord more than when I am able to run around and do things..even though I was talking to him before, it's a whole lot more now! :) Aww, the humbling experiences in life.
    Thanks you, Cynthia