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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by clerty, Jun 21, 2008.

  1. clerty

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    Can any one help me ? some kind person sorry I forgot your name gave me a link but It did not work I really want a live blood test and need his help !!!

  2. Bluebottle

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    the fatigueclinic@yahoo.co.uk

    His phone no. is 01942 819301; if you email him he asks you to phone.

    The blood test is £30 - he sends you a thumb prick kit with three slides. You have to use an overnight courier to get this back to him on a certain date.He looks for parasites, viruses and bacteria.

    The follow up telephone appointment with him is £100 & there is a set time for you to phone.

    I have just received the kit & am very excited about this, I believe he is a genuine person who is trying his best to help us despite the horrible way the NHS treats us all as malingerers.

    Keep in touch Clerty - we can let each other know how we get on with this!
  3. clerty

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    Yes thankyou I am going to get this done when I have some money just in the process of having my fillings removed !!

  4. tansy

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    you were referring to in another topic? I'm sorry that my posting there ended up drawing the attention of others who feel this is just quackery.

    These tests are often referenced. Dr W is working with eminent and well respected scientists/researchers in the UK. A few years ago someone working at the NIH contacted him due to an interest in his work generally so clearly they did not have a problem with his skilled use of a powerful microscope.

    His videos show what happens when intracellular organisms emerge from the cells; fascinating stuff. This test is not done immediately so having to send blood smears through the post is not a problem.

    Dr W's is an excellent starting point when looking for non viral pathogens.

    tc, Tansy

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