dr app went great.

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    GEE Guys.
    thanks for all your support and suggestions, I was just a nervous reck woke up at 3;30 and could"t go back to sleep. so my Dear husband sometimes he amazes me, got me in to see the nurse practioner, I"ve seen her before and she's very undestanding. well anyhow she listen to me and ordered alot of lab test,including gluclose, thyroid. colestarol.and a few others which I can"t remember. and made a appointment with a rhumey for me.I Don"t feel scared anymore.I"m so glad I didn"t have to see that Dr.
    My husband just called and told them I"d feel more comfortable with a women. she said she has 2 other people that she sent to this rhumey for fibro and their doing better.Thanks for all of your support. and may God Bless all of you. Hugs sixtyslady
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    I'm so glad that things went well for you today. Sometimes, they just have a way of working out. It sounds like the Rheumy will be helpful and you have better days to look forward to.

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    I am glad it went well for you. SOmetimes practitioners are easier to talk to and take more time with you too. I hope things continue to go well for you. I have not had any luck with doctors lately!! Daneen